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Consumer Security Solutions for ISPs

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Today’s Dynamic ISP Marketplace

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are increasingly recognizing the importance and potential of delivering security and privacy-related services to their customers for three key reasons:

  1. Competition: Increasing competition from established and new entrants pressures you to  identify service offerings that can help improve customer satisfaction and retention, and maintain or enhance revenues at a time when margins are being squeezed.
  2. Consumption: The continual evolution of consumer internet use for collaboration, sharing (photos, video and documents), e-commerce and social media has dramatically increased bandwidth consumption and put pressure on networks, while creating data theft risks and privacy concerns.
  3. Cyber threats: An explosion in the frequency and severity of cyber threats can result in higher customer service costs and complaints, reduced performance, and higher operating costs for ISPs. Compromised customer computers may be used for bandwidth-intensive operations like sending spam or as part of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks

Consumer Security Solutions

Trend Micro delivers a broad range of innovative and market-leading security solutions for consumers, small to mid-sized business, and enterprises. Our consumer solutions help ISPs:

  • Maintain or increase revenues
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve network performance

Each of our solutions, which encompass anti-malware, anti-spam, email and web content filtering, data sharing, privacy protection and endpoint protection, is available on a monthly subscription payment model, and supports activation and deactivation of individual consumers. This allows ISPs to readily create and trial service bundles without financial risk. For larger opportunities, Trend Micro solutions and support pages can be rebranded with your logo. Read datasheet

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Internet Security and Privacy

Trend Micro Titanium is a set of award winning consumer security solutions for Windows, Mac and Android devices.

Titanium delivers class-leading anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-spam and identity theft protection that lets users fearlessly email, socialize, bank, game, and shop on the Internet. Titanium:

  • Highlights malicious links before you click on them in social networking sites, instant messages, and email.
  • Safeguards against email phishing scams with the best phishing detection rates, guarding against identity theft
  • Manages your social networking privacy settings
  • Restricts or filters kids’ access to websites
  • Helps kids control how much private and personal data is exposed online
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Password Management

Trend Micro™ DirectPass™ manages website passwords and login IDs in one secure location, so you only need to remember one password.

It enables the creation and encrypted storage of highly secure and unique passwords. This reduces the use of weak shared passwords across web sites, and increases customer security. The passwords are securely synchronized across multiple authorized devices, and are protected by a master password. Key features include:

  • Keystroke encryption
  • Secure password generation
  • Automatic form-filling
  • Confidential notes
  • A secure browser for visiting banking and financial websites
  • Automatic synching of login information across multiple devices (Windows PCs, Android mobile, Android Tablet, iPads and iPhones)
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File Backup and Syncing

Trend Micro™ SafeSync™ backs up and syncs files between computers and mobile devices.

Data can be accessed via SafeSync clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, or via an easy to use web UI. Data is encrypted during transfer and at rest, and the end user can specify controls on who can access the data to ensure privacy.

  • Online and offline, 24x7 access from your computer, smartphone, or
  • Drop files into the SafeSync Folder to get them on all your devices
  • Roll back changes, restore deleted files, and undo mistakes
  • Online backups mean you'll never lose a file again
  • Works with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Automatic sync
  • Quickly and easily send links to any files on SafeSync, remove at any time
  • Choose how much of your bandwidth SafeSync uses

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Business Security Solutions

Trend Micro also offers value-added managed security solutions for small, mid-sized and large businesses, including Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security and Hosted Email Security, that can be made available through ISPs.

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  • Worry-Free™ Business Security Services is SaaS security that protects PCs, laptops, servers, and other Windows-based devices such as point-of-sale machines and tablets, using continuous cloud-based updates to protect your business data anytime, anywhere.
  • Hosted Email Security is no-maintenance Software as a Service (SaaS) email security that delivers continuously updated protection to stop spam and viruses before they reach your network.

The Trend Micro Difference

For more than 25 years, Trend Micro has innovated constantly to keep our customers ahead of an ever-evolving IT threat landscape. It’s how we got to be the world’s largest pure-play security provider and the global cloud security leader. And it’s how we continue to set the pace for the IT security industry: by delivering simple, integrated, solutions that elegantly solve your most pressing challenges.

Our smart protection strategy addresses the risks and opportunities inherent in cloud computing and the mobility of people, their devices and their data, as well as confronting the dangerous increase in targeted attacks on business and government.

The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network (SPN) rapidly and accurately identifies new threats, delivering global threat intelligence to all our products and services. Ongoing advances in the depth and breadth of the SPN allow us to look in more places for threat data, and respond to new threats more effectively, to secure data wherever it resides. SPN:

  • Collects more threat data from a broader, more robust global sensor network to ensure customers are protected from the volume and variety of threats today, including mobile and targeted attacks
  • Identifies new threats faster using finely tuned custom data mining tools to root out new threats within the large data streams
  • Protects through a proven cloud-based infrastructure that provides the fastest possible protection against new threats and minimizes the risk associated with an attack

Processing over 15 terabytes of threat information each day, SPN analyses, detects and protects against more than 65 million new attacks every year, allowing Trend Micro to deliver the very best threat protection without the slowdowns and overheads associated with traditional content security solutions.

As a result, Trend Micro is consistently ranked highest for threat protection, response time, spam and phishing detection by third-party testing organizations.
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