In the crosshairs of cybercriminals

The countries contributing with the most responses

With no shortage of threat actors, from nation-states and hacktivists to terrorists and cybercriminals, our globally connected infrastructure has become a liability.

How prepared are governments and private organizations to thwart attacks? Are we doing all we can to ensure the safety of our critical infrastructures? What does the future hold?

After surveying 25 OAS member states representing government agencies and critical industries, Trend Micro and OAS address these questions in an unprecedented report.

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The current threat landscape

44%experienced destructive attacks

Destructive attacks on critical infrastructures and key assets are on the rise. Cybercriminals are no longer limited to cyberspace. They are now targeting power grids, water supply systems, and other vital services, threatening international security and our very way of live.

Yet, as 75% of respondents indicated, the attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making them tough to detect. Alarmingly, almost a third of the survey respondents said they were unsure if they had been attacked.

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The future

The future

Most respondents indicated they feel unprepared or only somewhat prepared for cyberattacks.

Aging facilities and the absence of comprehensive security systems will make warding off these constantly evolving threats even more difficult. Unsurprisingly, respondents perceived the future of critical infrastructure security as bleak.

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Combating cybercrime

Trend Micro Custom Defense

The report highlights the lack of proactive partnerships between government and private organizations as a critical security flaw.

Ultimately, protecting critical infrastructures is a shared responsibility. And it starts with organizations’ ability to detect and thwart cybersecurity threats.

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Designed to arm organizations with that ability, Trend Micro Network Defense detects, analyzes, and responds to stealthy, advanced attacks.

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What does the future hold for our critical infrastructures?

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