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Targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs) have proven their ability to evade conventional security defenses and remain undetected while exfiltrating your sensitive data and intellectual property.

HP selects Trend Micro
Trend Micro has a strategic OEM agreement with HP to help enterprises combat advanced targeted threats and custom malware. The new HP TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance (ATA) family of products leverages the power of Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery to provide customers with a single, integrated solution for detection and enforcement. Read the press release.

Enterprises can choose to purchase Trend Micro Deep Discovery from Trend Micro or the HP TippingPoint ATA family of products from HP. Each will provide the same protection from targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats.


Trend Micro Deep Discovery + HP TippingPoint / HP ArcSight

DD 2

Trend Micro Deep Discovery

HP Busines

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You may already be under attack and not know it. It's more common than you think.

A Proof-of-Concept (POC) is an excellent way to detect malicious content, suspect communications, and attack behavior invisible to other security products. You’ll see firsthand how the solution works and appreciate the need for additional threat protection.

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