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Video: How to Upgrade Trend Micro Security 2015 SIMPLY SECURITY
New Software that Protects All Your Devices
We're always excited to introduce new and improved security products that will help make your digital life safer. And this year is no exception. Trend Micro Security 2015 products offer comprehensive privacy and protection anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
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Blog: Naked Celebrities Revealed by iCloud Hack COUNTERMEASURES
Lessons from Celebrities' Photos Exposed by iCloud Hacking
So celebrities had their iCloud hacked and risqué images stolen, what can we learn from this embarrassing event? Trend Micro's Rik Ferguson says lesson #1 is: "If any online service provides you with options to increase your account's security, use them."
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Blog: iCloud Hacking Leak Being Used As Social Engineering Lure CLICK BAIT
iCloud Hacking Leak Being Used as Social Engineering Lure
With all the buzz about the iCloud hacking that led to more than a hundred celebrity private photos being leaked online, we knew it would only be a matter of time before cybercriminals began to leverage this event with socially-engineered threats.
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App: Mobile Security for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad iOS MOBILE SECURITY
New Heights for Apple Mobile Device Security
Trend Micro is taking the protection of Apple mobile devices to new heights with the launch of the latest version of our Mobile Security for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app. The new Data Usage Monitor feature helps you manage your data and usage costs.
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Video: Cybercrime Exposed: When Adware Goes Bad FREEWARE LOVE
Cybercrime Exposed: When Adware Goes Bad
Free wallpapers, music, and widgets—these can all lead you to just click or swipe on links and icons without thinking twice about the potentially malicious programs you're letting into your computer. In this video, see how freeware downloads can lead to adware spying on your computer.
Watch the video >> [02:12]
Blog: Home Depot Breach Linked to BlackPOS Malware LET'S NOT DO THIS
Home Depot Breach Linked to BlackPOS Malware
Home Depot has confirmed via their corporate website that their payment systems were breached. This followed previous reports that suggested that Russian and Ukrainian cybercriminal malware had successfully breached the Atlanta-based retailer's Point-of-Sale terminals.
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Customer Reviews for Trend Micro Titanium™ Maximum Security
Overall Rating: 4.7 of 5 STARS
"Trend Micro went to work right away. Got rid of all that annoying intrusive stuff. Great follow-up in small doses. Never annoying." –Mairsie, August 31, 2014
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