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Windows 8 Applications

Freedom to explore—fearlessly

Microsoft Windows 8 has been reimagined to focus on your digital life by providing you with instant access to your people, apps, and stuff.

Trend Micro makes it easy to enjoy the best of what Windows 8 has to offer by protecting what matters most—your devices, privacy, data, and family—with new apps that take your security experience to the next level.

Trend Micro™ SafeSurfing

Trend Micro SafeSurfing

Secure browsing for Windows 8

SafeSurfing is a secure browser for Windows 8 that has security technology built right in. This provides you with a secure browsing experience by including safe search results ratings, social networking security, and more. Use Trend Micro SafeSurfing to browse the web fearlessly.

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Trend Micro™ DirectPass™

Trend Micro DirectPass

Manage your website passwords and more

DirectPass is a password management app that goes beyond just remembering your website passwords. It also makes that process a whole lot safer by encrypting your passwords and providing an extra layer of security for your banking and financial transactions.

DirectPass provides in-the-cloud synchronization across multiple devices, making password management easy and worry-free. Shop, bank and connect without fear knowing that your login IDs and passwords are safe with DirectPass.

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Trend Micro™ Security Center

Trend Micro Security Center

Up-to-date information about malware and dangerous websites

Security Center delivers current information about malware outbreaks in your area, offering insights into dangerous websites and malicious file downloads to avoid.

For Trend Micro™ Titanium™ customers, it also provides up-to date information about your protection status. Surf the web with confidence, knowing your protection is current.

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Free in the Windows Store  Get it with Titanium

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