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Mobile Security for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Comprehensive Protection for Android™ Smartphones
and Tablets


  • Secures your device and protects your data
  • Blocks malicious apps from Google Play before
    they are installed – NEW
  • Guards against identity theft and viruses
  • Blocks dangerous and fraudulent websites
  • Protects your privacy on Facebook
  • Protects kids online
  • Extends battery life and optimizes device performance
    and memory – NEW

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Availble at the Amazon App Store for Android

Android Security Features Free Premium
Protection against virusesPROTECTION FROM VIRUSES
Malware Blocker
An industry first, the exclusive malware blocker (Pre-Installation Scan) feature blocks malicious apps downloaded from  Google Play before they can be installed and damage your device or data
App Virus Scanner
Scans every app you have installed or downloaded, filtering out virus and malicious apps that can steal your information and your money
x x
Unlimited Updates
Automatically updates virus protection files
x x
Cloud Scanner
Features unlimited cloud scanning connections to ensure continuous protection
x x
Malware Cleaner
Downloads a dedicated removal tool in accordance with the type of malware threat detected. Removes and restores the smartphone back to its normal settings
Data theft prevention DATA THEFT PREVENTION
Privacy Scanner
Detects spyware by scanning all apps with Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation to identify ones that collect and potentially steal private information
Provides safe surfing SAFE SURFING
Malicious Website Blocker
Uses the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ to block malicious websites
Parental Controls
Filters inappropriate websites with age-based restrictions
Call blocking Text message blocking CALL & TEXT BLOCKING*
Call and Text Blocker
Filters unwanted calls and texts based on keywords, anonymous callers,  whitelists, and blacklists
Lost device protection LOST DEVICE PROTECTION*
Remote Locate
Helps you find your device on a Google map using GPS, Cell Towers or Wi-Fi.
Remote Scream
Enables you to trigger an alarm on your device - even if it is on silent mode
Remote Lock
Enables you to remotely lock your device (Accessing the phone again will require that you insert your Trend Micro password or a unique unlock code)
Remote Wipe
Allows you to perform a factory reset of the device from the web portal to wipe all your personal data
SIM Card Protection
Automatically locks if the SIM card is removed (Accessing the phone again will require that you insert your Trend Micro password or a unique unlock code)
Last Known Location
Automatically locates your device when the following actions take place: SIM removal, SIM replacement, Phone Restart
Low Power Location
Records the location of your device just before it runs out of power
Online storage ONLINE STORAGE*
Backup and Restore
Backups your contacts, photos, videos, calendar, call and text history, and music (5 GB of storage can be purchased separately)
50MB 50MB
Cross-Platform Contacts Backup and Restore
Copies and saves contact information between your iOS and Android devices
x x
Social networking privacy SOCIAL NETWORKING PRIVACY*
Scan Facebook
Protects your privacy on Facebook by checking settings and recommending enhancements
x x
Battery Optimizer and Status
Maximizes your battery life by killing non-essential background processes. It also shows how much time remains and how much time is needed to fully charge your battery
x x
Smart Power Saver
Intelligently manages and disables the network connection when it is not in use to maximize your battery's life
Turns off power draining features not required for phone and text message use, including 3G/4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and running apps
x x
Auto Just-a-Phone
Automatically turns on Just-a-Phone feature guided by a set schedule or a percentage of battery power remaining
Memory Status and Optimizer
Kills tasks to free up memory and CPU to maximize device performance. Also, shows the amount of free memory and the percentage remaining
x x
History Cleaner
Cleans out the history files on the device to protect your privacy. It shows you the history records for each app, allowing you to select those you would like to delete and then with a single tap, remove them
x x
Online Technical Support
Offers support provided via online forums, knowledge base and email
x x
Uninstall Protection
Prevents unauthorized removal of the app (Uninstalling Mobile Security will require that you insert your Trend Micro password)
No Advertising
Does not allow third-party advertising to be displayed in the app

*Not available on Kindle Fire

Trend Micro Mobile Security provides protection and privacy for your digital life. It safeguards against lost devices and data, viruses, spyware, dangerous websites, fake apps and identity theft on Facebook™.

Protects your Device

Protects your device, privacy and data by enabling you to find, lock, or erase a missing device

Secures your Data

Enables you to automatically backup 50MB of personal data including photos, contacts, and videos

Guards against Identity Theft and Viruses

Guards against apps that steal personal information and may leave you vulnerable to identity theft

Blocks Malware on Google Play Before It Can Install

Pre-installation scan detects threats on Google Play before they can damage your device or data

(See online support for devices that can’t enable this feature)

Blocks Dangerous and Fraudulent Websites

Protects against malware and banking fraud by blocking dangerous websites

Protects your Search and Facebook Privacy

Identifies privacy settings in Facebook that may leave your personal information publicly available and cleans out user’s history files to eliminate privacy concerns.

Protects Kids Online

Lets you restrict or filter website access for kids, protecting them from inappropriate content

Extends Battery Life and Optimizes Performance

Helps you intelligently kill tasks to extend the life of your battery and free up memory used by non-essential apps to improve performance

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Over 25 Years of Security Experience

With expertise gained over 25 years, Trend Micro is a security software leader that delivers:

  • 100% detection against malicious apps (according to January 2014)
  • Integrated backup of up to 50MB of photos, videos and music  files
  • Unique cloud-based protection, safeguarding customers from 250+ million threats per day

Mobile App Reputation

Mobile App Reputation is the world’s first automatic mobile app evaluation service that identifies new and existing malware, and verifies the reputation of any mobile application, including threat defense during downloads. It leverages our existing Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure to provide innovative mobile app reputation ratings.

Mobile App Reputation identifies apps with risks from malware and private data leakage. It also indicates abuse of battery, memory, and data resources occurring in the device.

Mobile Application Reputation Service

Before installing Trend Micro Mobile Security, be sure your device meets the following requirements:

Compatible OS Device Space Memory Other
Android OS 2.3/3.0/3.1/3.2/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4*/5.0*
*SMS blocking functions are not supported on Android OS 4.4 and above
20-30MB 25-85MB (varies by device) 3G/4G (LTE) or Wi-Fi Internet connection required for downloading

Also works with:

Compatible OS Devices
Kindle Fire OS Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9, Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.
Not compatible with Kindle Paperwhite and Amazon Fire Phone.

Have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? Get Trend Micro™ Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad

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