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Enterprise Data Protection – Integrated with Trend Micro Security

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User Protection

Add data security within your existing threat protection suite

Simplify and boost data security in a complex, growing workspace

Consumerization is rapidly expanding the end user workspace, far beyond Windows PCs and the secured perimeter. Employees are using a diverse set of mobile devices, operating systems, consumer apps, cloud services, and network access points—all while handling sensitive company and customer data.

This shift demands a new approach to securing your endpoints, sensitive data, and the end user activities that put your data at risk. When searching for solutions, you will likely find two extremes: 1) large and expensive overlay solutions requiring separate management; 2) small data protection ‘check-box’ features added within other products but lacking robust capabilities. There is a better solution: data-centric security integrated across end user platforms.

Why and where to add data protection

This IDC infographic shows how, “Data is more dispersed and harder to secure than ever.”

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Follow the risk

Secure end-user activity on any device, any app,

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2 steps to boost data control

Move security closer to end users and the data they touch. Start with the 2 steps in this IDC Analyst Connection
sponsored by Trend Micro, “Data Protection: Building a Comprehensive Strategy,” Feb 2013, Doc # IDC 1458.

Secure all end user activities

Leverage your existing threat protection infrastructure to keep data safe wherever it goes.

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Trend Micro™ Enterprise Data Protection simplifies data security in today’s complex mobile environments by integrating data loss prevention (DLP), encryption, and mobile security with your existing Trend Micro security suite. By combining threat and data protection in a flexible, centrally-managed solution, it lowers the cost and effort to deploy and manage while closing critical security and compliance gaps—for complete end-user protection across endpoints, mobile devices, email, and gateway.

Solution Components

Trend Micro Enterprise Data Protection offers four products with flexible deployment options to fit your security needs:

  • Trend Micro™ Integrated Data Loss Prevention extends your existing security with single-click deployment of DLP capabilities built into Trend Micro endpoint, email, web, and messaging gateway security. It also includes USB device control for endpoints.  And with central management for security and data protection, DLP policies can be enforced across multiple layers of security to prevent data loss via email, USB, and the web.
  • Trend Micro™ Mobile Security  integrates mobile antimalware security, mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management, and data protection—all in a single solution, which can be centrally managed through Trend Micro Control Manager. It secures smartphones and tablets on the broad range of platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Symbian,  supporting compliance and preventing data loss from lost or stolen mobile devices.
  • Trend Micro™ Endpoint Encryption encrypts data stored on PCs, laptops, notebooks, CDs, DVDs, and USB drives with leading full disk encryption, folder and file encryption, removable media encryption, granular device control, data management, and key management.
  • Trend Micro™ Email Encryption Gateway automates policy-based email encryption for data protection that doesn’t rely on end user discretion. Avoid the headaches of key management with our hosted key service and eliminate the need for recipients to install client software.

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