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Trend Micro Custom Defense Defeats Targeted Attacks

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Standard security products and point solutions are no match for cyber threats

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) or targeted attacks use social engineering tactics like spear phishing to download malware onto an employee’s computer and gain access to your network. Then the attacker can compromise other machines in search of trade secrets, customer records, and classified information. Data siphoned off to a remote server may go undetected for months.

Detect, analyze, adapt and respond to targeted attacks on your organization

Targeted attacks can be defeated with advanced detection, relevant threat intelligence, and adaptive controls to integrate your defenses into a custom defense. With Trend Micro Deep Discovery advanced threat detection you can proactively detect, analyze, adapt, and respond to targeted attacks on your company, network, people, and data—before any real damage is done.


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Tom Kellerman, VP Cyber Security shares a dramatic shift in tactics


The Custom Defense Against Targeted Attacks

Read this white paper to learn how to stop targeted attacks with custom threat detection, intelligence, and adaptive controls.

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