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Help With Flagged Sites

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Why can’t I get to this website?

If you tried to access a link and got a warning instead, it’s because the site potentially represents an increased security risk. Users may choose to continue onto such flagged sites despite their potential risk.

We research and flag sites for various reasons, including detection of the presence of malware, coding issues that can expose your data (like SQL Injection), or other issues that represent a threat to users on the site or other sites on the same host.

When a Facebook user clicks on a link that has been passed to them or posted on a friend's wall, the link is automatically (and behind the scenes) analyzed by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network which correlates 16+ billion URL, email, and file queries daily. It performs a real-time analysis of that URL and the content of that link to determine whether it's safe or not.

Due to the dynamic nature of the Internet and the threat environment, a site may be a genuine risk at one point in time but not a risk at another time. It’s fairly common for attackers to try to evade detection by compromising legitimate sites for a while and then removing their attack code and malware.

Because of this, reports from users are an important component of our ongoing work to provide the most accurate site safety ratings.

If you believe a site to be inaccurately classified, visit one of the following submission pages:

For Facebook users, visit Facebook Site Safety Center

For all other users, visit Global Site Safety Center

You can learn more about the submission process in our Support Center article: Submitting a reclassification request for a URL

For additional security information on Facebook usage, visit the links below:


Trend Micro has partnered with Facebook since April 2012 to provide a safer social networking experience for its users and recently extended the partnership worldwide. For more information read the press release.

For other reclassification issues, visit False Detection/Reclassify Request

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