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Blurs Inappropriate Images

Our real-time AI detects and immediately blurs inappropriate images in search results and social media feeds

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Blurs Inappropriate Videos

Our real-time AI detects and immediately blurs inappropriate videos in search results and YouTube

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Blocks Age-Restricted YouTube Videos and Channels

Prevents your kids from accessing unsuitable videos and channels

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Blocks Explicit and Malicious Websites

Stops dangerous websites from showing on your kids’ devices

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Stops Ads and Third-Party Trackers

Ensures an ad-free environment, reducing distractions and blocking third-party trackers from collecting data on your kids

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The Trend Micro Family Blog

Frequently Asked Questions

Trend Micro Family is a digital parenting tool that helps parents better protect children online. Whether it is viewing YouTube, browsing through social media, or searching information on the Internet, Trend Micro Family uses real-time AI technology to filter inappropriate content and notify parents should there be activities that require extra attention. Unlike some of the available parental control solutions in the market, Trend Micro Family is committed to providing a more caring and user-friendly digital wellbeing tool for modern families.

Trend Micro Family is a digital parenting tool that requires pairing between two devices to accurately run its functions and notifications, and hence has two application names: Trend Micro Family for Parents (hereby refers to the Parent app) and Trend Micro Family for Kids (hereby refers to the Kid app). To best utilize the tool, we recommend a parent or guardian to first download the Parent app (available in both iOS and Android). Upon completion of successful download, the app will guide you step by step on how to download the Kid app on your child’s device to finish the pairing process. Please note that if you have more than one child, you will need to perform the pairing procedure again with add another kid, which can be found on the Parent app. Last but not least, Trend Micro Family for Kids also comes with a complimentary Chrome extension available for anyone to easily download from the Chrome Web Store. You can experience it here.

When Trend Micro Family for Kids detects inappropriate content (for example, explicit graphics), it will blur out the images in real time. The child will be able to view content that is appropriate for his/her age uninterruptedly. Only the inappropriate content will be filtered out for Internet safety. If the child is searching for keywords or terms that are not appropriate for his/her age (for example, cyberbullying), Trend Micro Family for Kids will send a notification to Trend Micro Family for Parents to inform parents of such activities that may require further communication. Please note: parents can adjust the frequency and sensitivity of detection directly within the Parent app.

With over 30+ years of experience in cybersecurity, Trend Micro is striving to prevent risks in the cyberspace. Trend Micro Family also takes your and your child’s security and privacy seriously. The tool is in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Trend Micro does not and will not sell your and your child’s personal identifiable information (PII), or use PII to sell advertising to you and your child. For more information, please see Trend Micro's Global Privacy Notice.

This is in the works! Currently we only allow a parent to pair with the kid’s device. You are welcome to check back our website often to learn the latest updates.

Unfortunately, it can be removed by children. However, Trend Micro Family will inform parents immediately should we detect removal or abnormal activities from the Kid app (for example, deletion of the app, inactive for a long period of time).

You can reach us at tmf-support@trendmicro.com. Thank you!