Hynds Pipe Systems

Simplifies, consolidates, and automates security with Trend Micro’s Connected Threat Defense


Founded in 1973, Hynds Pipe Systems is the largest company in the Hynds Group and New Zealand’s leading manufacturer and supplier of infrastructure products to the civil construction and rural sectors. The company offers a comprehensive range of more than 40,000 products for drainage, water main, environmental, and rural applications.

A private, family-owned company, Hynds Pipe Systems employs over 600 people distributed across seven manufacturing plants and a network of 33 merchant branches throughout New Zealand. The company’s IT environment includes two data centers, 150 servers using VMware, Microsoft® Windows®, and Citrix XenApp.


With operations throughout New Zealand, keeping its IT environment and data secure presents several challenges for Hynds. In addition to protecting customer information and business data, including government contracts, they wanted to ensure intellectual property, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems at manufacturing plants were secure. “With four security products covering different parts of our infrastructure, it was challenging to effectively monitor and manage these consoles,” said Adrian Foo, IT manager at Hynds Pipe Systems.

The Hynds IT team also recognized the threat landscape was rapidly evolving and they needed to be prepared. To plan for next-generation cyber threats and effectively defend their IT environment, Hynds wanted more visibility into their threat vulnerability. “We could see how many threats we were stopping with our previous solution, but we had no way of knowing how many threats were actually getting through,” said Foo.

Why Trend Micro

After re-evaluating the company’s IT security profile, Foo and his team decided they needed a solution that could simplify, consolidate, and automate security across the entire company. To ensure they selected the best solution for their unique environment, they invited five security vendors to present their solutions and conduct a bake-off.

To Foo’s surprise, none of the other security vendors were able to meet Hynds’ specific criteria, such as providing an end-to-end solution, single console for monitoring, or protection for mobile users. “Only Trend Micro ticked all of the boxes with an ecosystem of unified, connected solutions that could simplify, automate, and consolidate our security, and provide our mobile users with protection,” said Foo.

"Since we deployed Trend Micro, we’ve had no compromises. The solution stops between 500 and 1,000 malware attacks each month."

Adrian Foo,
IT Manager,
Hynds Pipe Systems


Hynds deployed Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Complete, powered by XGen™ security, which combines machine learning with a blend of threat protection techniques to eliminate security gaps across any user activity and endpoint. “We started with Control Manager to reduce our management issues and Trend Micro OfficeScan solution to provide proactive protection for our endpoints,” said Foo. “The suite of products in Smart Protection Complete includes capabilities such as vulnerability protection, data loss prevention, and other important capabilities.”

With the solutions in place, Hynds implemented Trend Micro™ Hosted Email Security™ to deliver continuously updated protection to stop phishing, ransomware, and other advanced threats. Hynds selected Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ and Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Analyzer, which provides custom sandboxing and advanced analysis.

In a world where timing is everything, the timing was near perfect. The deployment of these solutions was nearly complete when the WannaCry ransomware cryptoworm hit. “With the Trend Micro security building blocks in place before WannaCry ransomware hit, we were able to address the issue in one weekend and keep our environment safe.”


Hynds not only creates strong pipes for its customers, it now has strong security. With Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Complete, powered by XGen™ security, Hynds already sees significant improvements in its overall security. With increased visibility across the threat landscape, they can see the number of blocked attacks – and the threats that make it into their network. “Since we deployed Trend Micro, we’ve had no compromises. The solution stops between 500 and 1,000 malware attacks each month,” said Foo.

Trend Micro™ Control Manager provides centralized management resulting in visibility across multiple layers of the IT infrastructure, increased management efficiency and reduced security management costs.

"We replaced four security consoles with Control Manager to gain a single view of our threat landscape, making security management easier and more effective."

Adrian Foo,
IT Manager,
Hynds Pipe Systems

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ extended the security team’s visibility into previously unknown issues, such as systems that required an upgrade. With Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Analyzer and its customized sandboxing, Foo can see if there is any suspicious activity in their environment. “Trend Micro solutions talk to each other to enable a truly connected threat defense that’s essential for protection against advanced attacks,” said Foo. “I sleep better at night knowing Trend Micro is providing our security.”

What's Next

Hynds plans to add Tend Micro™ Endpoint Sensor™, which uses a lightweight client to record endpoint activity and provide an in-depth history that can be accessed in real time. “Endpoint Sensor integrates with other products to provide metrics around how long it takes to resolve issues, which helps to prove the overall effectiveness of the solution to our board members,” said Foo. “We look forward to leveraging the solution to answer the question of how long it takes to find malware that is on our network. This is ultimately what senior management wants to know. Trend Micro’s family of products give us a lot of great choices when it comes to enhancing our security portfolio.”