Missed VMworld 2017 or looking for a refresher? We’re giving free access to presentations from our security experts and customers on their experience with Automated Security for VMware NSX & Skip the Security Slow Lane With VMware on AWS.

Automated Security for the Real-time Enterprise with VMware NSX and Trend Micro Deep Security

Chris Van Den Abbeele, Global Solution Architect, Trend Micro Incorporated

Kelly Mcbrair, IT Infrastructure Architect, Trend Micro Incorporated

In today’s real-time enterprise where we all must do more with less, the operations team is sometimes forced to take shortcuts. Forgetting to manually apply security controls is often one of the first tasks to fall by the wayside. VMs that are put in production, lacking adequate protection, leave high-risk vulnerabilities open for exploitation. Learn how building-in security automation with VMware NSX and Trend Micro Deep Security provides visibility, assesses risk, and applies the right protection. Once in operation, using the adapter for vRealize Operations, the security events become visible next to the operational events, providing a holistic view of the environment. We will illustrate this through the case study of a leading manufacturing company, Plexus Corporation, who will also share their NSX journey.


Skip the Security Slow Lane With VMware on AWS

Bryan Webster, Sr. Solutions Architect, Trend Micro Incorporated

Dharmesh Chovatia, Sr. Manager, Lead Cloud Architect, Global Cloud CTO Office, Capgemini

While migrating your infrastructure to the cloud offers an opportunity to rethink your approach to management and security, it can create a patchwork of processes and tools, a disorganized team, and duplication of work. In a few years, you may learn that the IT security team needs a unified approach to data protection and you must already overhaul your “new” setup. You thought you were speeding ahead with improved operations and lower costs, but you are actually in the security slow lane! Pull over and find a new route forward with VMWare on AWS by leveraging tools you know in an environment you already understand. Save years of work by utilizing a common set of tools, operational processes, and security framework when moving to the cloud. Learn tips and tactics from Trend Micro and Capgemini for setting your teams up for success now…and tomorrow.