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In the wild: No

Destructive: No

Language: English

Systems affected: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003

Encrypted: No

Reported detections:



This is the Trend Micro generic detection for low-threat grayware.

Grayware is the Trend Micro general classification for applications that have annoying, undesirable, or undisclosed behavior.

Grayware applications do not fall into any of the major threat (i.e. virus or Trojan horse) categories as they are subject to system functionality, as well as user debate.

Some items in the grayware category have been linked to malicious activities, while others are used to provide users with targeted information in terms of product announcements.

Description created:  Apr 30, 2007


Analysis by:  Mark Anthony Balanza


Minimum scan engine version needed: 8.000

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Spyware pattern version needed : 0.614.21

Pattern release date:  Mar 9, 2008

Important note: The "Minimum scan engine" refers to the earliest Trend Micro scan engine version guaranteed to detect this threat. However, Trend Micro strongly recommends that you update to the latest version in order to get comprehensive protection. Download the latest scan engine here.


Trend customers:

    Keep your virus pattern file and scan engine updated. Trend Micro antivirus software can clean or remove most types of viruses. Certain viruses, such as Trojans, scripts, overwriting viruses and joke programs which are identified as "uncleanable", should simply be deleted.

All Internet users:

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