Trend Micro Security

Re: Hello

 解析者: Mark Christian Aquino

Recent spammed messages found appear to trick recipients by pretending to be a close acquaintance. These messages came from different sources and target addresses from different companies, including those in Trend Micro. The message includes a random name after the statement,'Im fine thanks.'

Some may consider this particular message of minimal concern as it does not contain any malicious files and/or links. Users should still be wary and avoid replying to such emails because it is possible that the attacker behind these attacks could just be fishing for active email addresses in search of possible targets.

The spam mail were already detected using the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™.

 スパムブロック日時 : 2013年6月3日 10:00:00 GMT-8
  • TMASEエンジン:7.0
  • TMASEパターンバージョン:9914