Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite

In July 2015, Fiat® Chrysler® had to recall 1.4 million vehicles after security researchers successfully showed how to hack into one of its cars remotely through the internet-connected entertainment system in order to take control of the dashboard, steering, brakes, and transmission.
In October 2016, hackers compromised web-connected security cameras, printers, residential internet gateways, and even baby monitors to launch massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The victims included Twitter®, Spotify®, Reddit, and many other popular websites. This event reportedly involved 100,000 discrete internet addresses associated with Mirai, a malicious network or botnet targeting IoT devices.

The Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite (VNFS), designed especially for carrier NFV environments, offers flexible, reliable, and high-performance virtual network security for CSPs from the core network to the edge. Dealing specifically with IoT security concerns, VNFS is equipped with the following features:

  • Modular Design
  • VNFS uses proven deep packet inspection (DPI) technology as the basis for many network security functions, including intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and application control. CSPs can enable all of these capabilities through a single virtual network function (VNF) or flexibly enable them in different VNFs, depending on specific use cases and requirements.

  • High Performance
  • The unified DPI engine in VNFS checks network packets and performs selected functions in a single scan, eliminating the performance impact of checking the same network packets in repetitive cycles with multiple engines. To reach maximum throughput, it also leverages the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), a program library designed specifically for packet processing.

  • Scalability and Availability
  • As traffic volume increases and demands more and more resources, VNFS works with MANO(management and orchestration system of NFV architecture) to provide new VNF instances that increase the processing capability. Later, some VNF instances can terminate as the workload decreases, releasing infrastructure resources to perform other functions. This ability to scale also allows for quick replacement of any abnormal VNF instance to maintain the service and ensure continuity.

  • Extensive Security Experience
  • CSPs can rely on Trend Micro, which has an industry-leading track record going back nearly 30years, to deliver and maintain the very best IoT security solutions far into the future. Trend Micro Smart Protection Network already uses big data analytics to continuously process more than 15 terabytes of data collected from the world every day, so CSPs consistently get reliable protection against the newest threats.

  • Ecosystem Integration
  • To achieve the highest levels of reliability and interoperability, Trend Micro has integrated its IoT solution with a wide variety of NFV ecosystem partners, which include hardware vendors, system platform vendors, MANO vendors, and telecommunication equipment manufacturers (TEMs).

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