MWC 2019: Optimized Security Solutions for Telecommunications

This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC19) is the world's largest mobile technology conference and kicked off on February 25, 2019. At this event, leading companies in the industry proposed new ideas for the evolving mobile ecosystem and showcased new, innovative technologies.

Securing the Networked World

To help secure the connected world, Trend Micro showcased solutions at MWC19 optimized for all sorts of needs in the telecommunications field, including those explained in detail below.

Security solutions to protect telecommunications, as shown at MWC19

Protecting the Connected Home — Achieving IoT Security by Working Together with Telecom Providers

Increased IoT adoption rates have started to transform consumer telecommunication services dramatically. The increasing number of devices connecting to the internet brings many benefits, but new types of cyberattacks have also taken advantage of these additional connections.

Because many people do not yet know about the vulnerabilities in their IoT devices, the right solution has a chance to dominate this new market opportunity. Telecom providers can make telecommunications safer by offering security services for connected devices in homes as part of their customer-facing services.

With these ideas in mind, Trend Micro has introduced Trend Micro Consumer Connect (TMCC), a comprehensive security platform that lets telecom providers deliver robust security solutions to their customers.

Protect Vulnerable IoT Devices with a Proactive Scan

TMCC can protect connected home environments by securing devices, protecting communications, and leveraging the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, a global threat intelligence system. A simple smartphone app lets customers easily check their protection too. Trend Micro can also deliver additional integrated security services through the platform.

Securing the Connected World with Blockchain Technology for IoT Security

Over the past 10 years, blockchain technology has brought huge changes to businesses with tamper-proof distributed ledger systems that incorporate encryption and other security technologies. Although the Debate continues over how best to use blockchain for security, Trend Micro showcased a new concept for IoT security using blockchain at MWC19.

Trend Micro IoT Blockchain (TMIB) offers a single solution to achieve safe, efficient operations and management over the relatively inexpensive and compact IoT devices that keep coming to market.

TMIB uses distributed ledger technology together with Trend Micro innovations like Smart Neighborhood Watching and Advanced Local Autonomy to provide simple, low-cost security for compact IoT devices.

Trend Micro IoT Blockchain Concept

Trend Micro IoT Blockchain Demonstration at the Mobile World Congress

Trend Micro IoT Blockchain Demonstration at the Mobile World Congress

Securing the Evolving Enterprise Network with Multifaceted Solutions

Telecommunications for enterprise IT networks have started undergoing a rapid transformation. These networks no longer simply connect computers in offices and servers in data centers to the internet. Previously, these organizations kept industrial robots and precision machines in OT networks, completely isolated from the IT networks. Now, they have begun connecting everything to the internet to improve productivity. Without taking proactive measures against cybersecurity threats to the OT environment, enterprises put themselves at serious risk.

Enterprises looking to transition into a new IoT-inclusive network environment must work to implement network security across an integrated IT and OT environment. Trend Micro can help deal with the immediate concerns while preparing for any future enterprise network needs that emerge alongside Industry 4.0.

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