Trend Micro™ Home Network Security SDK

A comprehensive home router security solution that mitigates risks to home networks

The number of home devices that connect to the internet of things (IoT) continues to increase and diversify at a rapid pace, going far beyond computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Threats to IoT devices have also gone mainstream, ushering in an era of new attacks on smart devices for consumers as well as businesses and industries. The Mirai botnet, which emerged in 2016, is a key example: It lets malicious actors launch massive and widespread attacks by taking advantage of vulnerable IoT devices found on many home networks, including routers, digital video cameras, and digital printers. With the scale of home networks becoming exceedingly similar to that of small office networks, management and security across devices have become more important than ever, especially for oft-overlooked routers.

Trend Micro™ Home Network Security (HNS) is an embedded network security solution designed to provide network access management and protection against cyberattacks for all connected devices in a home network. Based on Trend Micro’s rich threat research experience and industry-leading deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, HNS offers features such as network security and parental control, and provides superior and easy-to-use security protection essential to modern home networks. It has been widely adopted by leading home router vendors and deployed in more than one million households worldwide.

Key Features

  • Network usage and visibility
  • Network security
    • Web reputation and blocking
    • IoT device reputation and blocking
    • Network attack prevention
    • Anomaly behavior blocking
    • Vulnerability scan
    • Remote access protection
  • Parental control
    • Profile-based management
    • Website filtering/URL whitelist and blacklist
    • Inappropriate-app detection
    • Internet time limit
    • Content restriction
    • Connection alert/Kids back home
  • License management

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