Published new white paper: Two Approaches to Smart Factory Security

Oct 19, 2020
Smart Factory Security

When it comes to the cybersecurity of factories, technical problems aren’t the only issues you’ll run into. Organizational and environmental constraints pose many challenges. Throughout the manufacturing industry, various people in various positions have become involved in cybersecurity. This includes the IT department at the head office, the factory manager, the IT management department, and the production technology department. It is generally said that cooperation between IT and OT teams is crucial, but is often difficult.

Trend Micro has published a white paper that explains the cybersecurity risks and countermeasures that should be considered, from the perspective of both IT and OT. This would be a useful document for both team who initiate smart factory security project from now on. If you would like to see the document, please download from the link below.

Two Approaches to Smart Factory Security: Merging Perspectives from IT and OT

Two Approaches to Smart Factory Security


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