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Protecting critical infrastructures in connected communities

As communities become more connected, they become more exposed to the risk of cyberattacks.

Smart City provides numerous benefits as it uses IoT technologies to increase connectivity and in turn enhance critical infrastructures, including energy, water, communications, transportation, and governance. But greater connectivity - especially in light of the emergence of 5G technology - means more cyber risks to cities, such as threats that compromise the data and safety of citizens and the continuity of operations and services.

Security Challenges for Smart City

Endpoint Security

Various devices deployed across wide areas mean numerous points of entry for threat actors to take advantage of.

Network Security

The inherently complex networks demand comprehensive solutions for their protection from increasingly complex attacks.

Cloud Security

The abundance of data exchanged between different applications and cloud platforms invites breaches of privacy and security from hackers.

Security Expertise

The lack of cybersecurity knowledge and skills, along with the cost of developing them in-house, hinders the proper identification and prevention of cyberattacks.

Trend Micro as IoT Security Provider for Smart City

We keep Smart City protected with our comprehensive security products and extensive security expertise.

Multilayered Protection

Simplified security solutions that defend endpoint, network, and cloud against various threats

Our Advantages as Your IoT Security Partner

Multilayered security that provides protection across endpoint, network, and cloud

Unmatched threat intelligence gained through advanced research capabilities

Leading solutions built on more than 30 years of security expertise
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