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Protecting the comprehensive connected car ecosystem composed of endpoint (car), network, and cloud

More cyber risks to Connected Car are introduced
as more developments in connectivity are implemented.

The automotive industry is facing an emerging challenge in the area of cybersecurity. Enhanced connectivity is at the heart of innovation, and by connecting cars to networks and clouds, the industry is swiftly headed toward the commercialization of cars controlled with mobile apps and self-driving cars guided by real-time traffic data. While presenting new opportunities for mobility, however, the added connectivity exposes cars to cyberthreats and privacy risks.

Security Challenges for Connected Car

Threat Intelligence

Identifying and preventing cyberattacks so as to safeguard connected cars is dependent on sophisticated threat intelligence, but the investment to host threat intelligence is substantial.

Network Security

The increasing demand of internal and external networks has brought up the complexity of network attacks from both inside and outside.

Hardware Security

One modern car alone has a great number of electronic control units (ECUs) and sensors, affecting supply chains and increasing the amount of investment.

Software Security

The complexity of car software is growing exponentially, with typical high-end modern car features requiring a significant number of lines of code.

Cloud Security

The demand for connecting to the cloud increases. Various applications connected to the cloud for data exchange, both sending and receiving information, create new attack vectors for hackers.

Trend Micro as Your Connected Car Security Provider

We provide comprehensive security solutions and technologies to secure the ecosystem of Connected Car, composed of endpoint (car), network, and cloud.

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Connected Car Architecture

Endpoint Security:
CAN Bus Network

Machine learning-based detection of abnormal network behavior within the CAN bus

Endpoint Security:
Critical ECUs and Systems

Agent-based solution integrated with critical ECUs and systems (IVI, TCU, etc.), including vulnerability detection, process/application integrity check, virtual patch, and web reputation service


Network Security

Virtual network function suite that helps network operators offer cybersecurity services for connected cars


Cloud Security

Protection for cloud-native applications, platforms, and data in any environment with a single agent


Security Operation

Solutions that enable customers to build better automotive security operations centers (SOCs)

Our Advantages as Your IoT Security Partner

Multilayered security for the comprehensive ecosystem composed of endpoint (car), network, and cloud

Global security intelligence based on the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure, which gathers security information from all over the world, and advanced research capabilities

Cybersecurity expertise that provides comprehensive security solutions in partnership with automotive industry leaders
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