Smart Home Network

The number of connected home devices continues to increase and diversify at a rapid pace, going far beyond computers, mobile phones and tablets. Trend Micro predicted that threats to Internet of Things (IoT) devices would go mainstream in 2017, ushering in an era of new attacks on smart devices for both consumers and industrial environments. The appearance of the Mirai botnet in 2016 lent credence to this prediction: It let criminals launch massive and widespread attacks by taking advantage of vulnerable IoT devices - including routers, closed circuit video cameras and digital video recorders - found on many home networks. With the scale of home networks becoming exceedingly similar to that of small offices, management and security across devices have become more important than ever, especially for oft-overlooked routers.

Trend Micro Smart Home Network (SHN) provides an embedded network security solution to protect against cyberattacks and network access management for all devices connected to a home network. Many leading home router vendors have already adopted this solution and deployed it to more than 1 million households worldwide. Based on Trend Micro’s rich threat research experience and industry-leading deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, SHN offers intelligent quality of service (iQoS), parental controls, network security and more.

If you would like to learn more about our findings, you can read and download the white paper from here: Smart Home Network White Paper