Safe Lock for ATM

It has been 50 years since the first automated teller machine (ATM) began service. In the early years of ATMs, their operating systems and hardware platforms were unopened systems. The advantage of this scheme was that the key technology was closed and the risk was relatively small. The disadvantage was that the system equipment and technical personnel costs were high, and the response to business needs was slow.

As information technology became more PC-dominated, though, ATM operating systems gradually transferred into Windows®-based solutions. This technology adoption brought substantial cost-effective improvements: It reduced the direct costs of system equipment and technical personnel, and it brought about agility in responding to business needs.

However, ATMs have also inherited the cybersecurity risks that come with open environments. To deal with the challenges, the ATM industry has developed several major strategies, most notably isolated networks, anti-virus software and approved program control. As such, the ATM was a fixed function device should have more than just the traditional solutions in place. Common anti-virus solutions for similar fixed function devices may be limited in scope and may affect daily operations, especially when maintenance is required.

Trend Micro Safe Lock is the smart whitelisting protection solution that is suitable for the ATM.