Safe Lock

Control systems manage flow-monitoring systems for gas, water, electricity and other vital forms of infrastructure as well as production management systems for steel factories and chemical plants. For this reason, control systems are indispensable components of these systems. In the past, control systems were physically isolated and were therefore considered secure systems. However, multiple incidents have been occurring that render control systems dysfunctional, such as the Stuxnet computer worm, which disabled centrifuges in nuclear facilities in Iran in 2010. There are also a growing number of threats to control systems in many parts of the world.

Trend Micro security solutions for industrial control systems (ICSs) strengthen the security for each layer while incorporating the concept of multi-layered defense.

Trend Micro Safe Lock protect fixed-function devices such as industrial control systems and embedded devices, terminals in a closed system, and legacy OS terminals against malware infection and unauthorized use. By “lockdown”, which limits execution of applications only to those that are necessary for daily operations, it prevents the intrusion and execution of malware without relying on the pattern files.