Portable Security 2

In the past, it had been said that stand-alone computers and closed-network environments without internet access had a lower risk of being exposed to external threats and were relatively secure. However, as a matter of fact, it cannot be said to be safe. A survey by Trend Micro of companies operating in Japan found that approximately 70 percent have stand-alone computers and/or closed-network environments, 20 percent of which have suffered virus infections.

Why, then, do such virus infections occur? We believe that such systems are rendered vulnerable by these factors: restrictions on software installation, difficulty in scanning systems with the latest pattern file since they are not connected to the internet, and the use of computers or USB devices brought in from outside.

Trend Micro Portable Security 2 (TMPS2) is a malware scanning and cleanup tool shaped like a USB flash drive in environments that Internet connection is not available or anti-malware software cannot be installed.

The features of TMPS2 are:

  • No installation required
    • By loading scanning software onto a scanning tool shaped like a USB flash drive, malware scanning and removal are enabled without installing the scanning software on the target terminal

  • Centralized Management
    • The management program provides a centralized management function. This enables the comprehension of scan logs of the scanning tools in multiple locations in an integrated fashion. Also, malware pattern files and configurations of the scanning tools can be centrally managed. Moreover, the event log of the system lockdown security software - Trend Micro Safe Lock (separately charged) - can be obtained with the management program of TMPS2.

  • Easy Operation
    • Scan status and result notification with LED
      • The LED equipped on the scanning tool notifies of the scan status and result. Since the person in charge does not have to meticulously check the scan status using the target terminal screen, it does not interfere with operational efficiency.

    • Using only the scanning tool, malware can be scanned and removed, and the malware pattern file can be updated.
      • Updating the malware pattern files and viewing the logs are available using any general-purpose PC connected to the internet and the scanning tool by selecting a mode that does not use the management program (unlike with conventional products that require management computers). Security measures are easily enabled even when management computers cannot be prepared separately.