IoT Security for Surveillance Cameras

Internet Protocol (IP) cameras continue to be adopted for the video surveillance systems of more and more organizations instead of outdated analog ones. This is by virtue of their better image resolution, scalability, ease of installation, and advanced analytics capabilities. Unfortunately, IP cameras have also become a favorite target of hackers because of their relatively high computing power, the relatively low investment required to carry out attacks on them, and their constant connectivity as part of the internet of things (IoT).

The Trend Micro™ IoT Security for Surveillance Cameras solution aims to provide immediate threat awareness so that hardware partners can stay one step ahead of hackers. It delivers a layered defense system in an embedded solution that easily integrates into IP cameras and effectively eliminates security risks.

The Trend Micro IoT Security for Surveillance Cameras solution helps to:

  • Protect IP camera products from modern cybersecurity attacks.
  • Create time for both manufacturers and users in developing, testing, and deploying patched firmware.
  • Attach additional product value and increase differentiation.
  • Enable compliance with government regulations.

The Trend Micro IoT Security for Surveillance Cameras solution features:

  • Anti-credential-attack: detects automated brute-force login behavior, protecting IP cameras from being exploited by IoT attacks such as Mirai.
  • Virtual patching: protects IP cameras from attacks when system vulnerabilities are present, by examining packet data to layer 7 and shielding vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. This provides IP camera makers with immediate protection while a firmware fix is being worked on.
  • IoT reputation: blocks communications from or to suspicious servers or IoT peers based on the intelligence provided by the IoT Reputation Service (IoTRS) of the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure.