IoT Security for Auto

Cybercriminals have more tools, time, finances and technologies at their disposal than ever before. Focused attacks on high-value targets are growing sharply. At the same time, the increasing dependence of connected vehicles on widely interconnected online systems introduces more attack surfaces that attract hacker attention.

To achieve critical modules protection, solutions against cyberattacks on connected vehicles for critical modules protection requires these major components:

  • Up-to-date threats intelligence
    • Real-time threats sourcing and update ability
    • Cloud-based big-data analysis and correlation on generating threats knowledge
    • Continuous service guarantee
  • Pre-build solution
  • Risk assessment
    • According to Auto-ISAC and NHTSA, a best-fit solution to protect connected vehicles
    • A built-in solution to be able to collect and detect critical modules’ current health and risk status
    • Ability to detect the critical modules’ abnormal condition in the system, files and network connection
    • Ability to detect system vulnerability over time
  • System protection
    • A built-in solution to perform threats prevention and threats mitigation for critical modules
    • A method to deter cyberattacks such as intrusion prevention system (IPS)
    • A method to protect system integrity such as the whitelisting for files

  • Security Visibility
    • A dashboard and management console to have real-time security visibility for the immediate mitigation plan and action
    • Ability to integrate with another backend system to have a single console for the whole management ability, such as device management, device life cycle management and security management.