Haliç University

Secures Virtual Desktops with Deep Security


Haliç University was founded in 1998 by the Children Leukemia Foundation in Turkey. The University is in the process of rapid growth of its academic departments and degree programs. Today Haliç University has 12,000 students, 700 employees, and four campuses.


Haliç University, which recently implemented Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, needed a security solution for its virtual desktops. To fully take advantage of the operational and economic benefits of virtualization and the cloud, it was critical to effectively secure virtualized data centers and cloud deployments.

The University also sought a solution to address the difficulty it was having in regenerating encrypted or deleted files due to CryptoLocker and similar malware infecting users’ virtual computers. “We had an elevated level of security risk because harmful software could infiltrate any virtual desktop, spread to other virtual desktops, or even to the system as a whole. At the same time, communication with IT to recover the encrypted or deleted files consumed innumerable work hours,” said Taner Çort, System and Network Expert, Haliç University.

"In 2016, we undertook our desktop virtualization initiative. Once implemented, we sought a security solution to tackle malware problems on our virtual desktops"

Taner Çort,
System and Network Expert,
Haliç University

Why Trend Micro

Haliç University chose Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ to ensure the safety of its virtual desktops used by students and faculty members in office environments and computer laboratories. Deep Security™ enables secure mobility of workloads between hypervisors without compromising security. It delivers decreased risk, lower operational costs, and rapid response to threats with automatic policy management, hypervisor-based security, and central visibility and control.

The University’s criteria for choosing a security solution included adequate security against known and unknown threats, low resource consumption, an easy to use and robust management screen, and support when needed. Trend Micro met all the criteria. “Adopting a framework to provide a complete solution was very important to minimize our security risk. We needed an agentless security solution like Deep Security at the hypervisor level,” said Çort.


After careful consideration, the university decided that Nutanix Corporate Cloud architecture would be the right solution for their faculty and students. The solution was implemented quickly, with one day to install and deploy all physical assembly, testing, virtualization layer and all other components. “In 2016, we undertook our desktop virtualization initiative. Once implemented, we sought a security solution to tackle malware problems on our virtual desktops,” said Çort.

With this security and cloud framework Haliç University could easily manage a flexible and innovative solution like Microsoft® Azure® or Amazon Web ServicesSM (AWS), while keeping the total cost of ownership to a minimum by taking up little space in the data center.

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ is purpose-built for virtualized workloads and with Azure® and AWS. It is architected for minimal resource consumption, improved performance, and eliminates risk. “Trend Micro agentless security solutions provided optimum protection against potential threat attacks in a virtual IT environment,” said Çort.


Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ provided excellent protection for Haliç University’s virtualized servers and desktops. The solution provisions full security capabilities automatically in the data center. Deep Security™ played a crucial role in delivering security solutions at the hypervisor level, as well as eliminating additional burden on systems.

Deep Security delivered virtual desktop security, single-point management, improved performance and reduced resource consumption. The solution also reduced IT help desk workload.

Haliç University’s Trend Micro and Nutanix integration met the scope of the project, with a robust deployment delivered rapidly. The solution uses much less space in the data center, reduces hosting costs, and simplifies infrastructure management. The solution also allows for continuous growth to easily add more users in the future.

What's next?

Haliç University will continue implementing innovative solutions and looks forward to future projects involving Trend Micro solutions.