Bishop Luffa School

Spots and blocks threats that other products miss with flagship email security suite


Bishop Luffa School is an award-winning Church of England Teaching School located in Chichester, West Sussex. Network manager Roger Boxall is responsible for everything that runs on the school network - from servers to workstations, email, Internet access, and Wi-Fi. The site houses 1,600 staff and students and 500 machines.


One of the main challenges Bishop Luffa School experienced was dissatisfaction with their previous vendor. The product was difficult to operate and manage, and was not intuitive according to Boxall. There was also an unacceptable volume of spam getting through the filters, and Boxall had received a growing number of complaints about false positives. The organization needed an easy-to-manage, effective, and low-cost security platform to keep staff and students safe from spam, phishing, malware, and other email-borne threats.

We ran the demo and saw that Trend Micro ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange was finding different threats and malware that other products hadn’t picked up.

Roger Boxall,
Network Manager,
Bishop Luffa School

Why Trend Micro

As a satisfied home user of Trend Micro security, Boxall had been aware of Trend Micro’s security solutions for many years. He also recognized that many large corporations and service providers were using the Trend Micro ScanMail solution to protect their networks. In early August, a renewal notice came in from the school’s existing email security product. The renewal included a significant price hike, almost double the original cost. This was the final straw for the organization. They decided to make the switch to Trend Micro and replace their previous vendor with ScanMail, which met the organizations needs with better performance for blocking unwanted threats, and better pricing.


The ScanMail Suite for Exchange uses the power of the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ global threat intelligence to block targeted attacks, spam, phishing and malware before it has had a chance to hit a customer’s network. This cloud-based threat protection system generates global intelligence on a massive scale, blocking more than 250 million threats and analyzing over 15TB of threat data every single day.

Powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, ScanMail can:

  • Deliver immediate protection from emerging threats by using big data analytics and predictive technology to correlate file, web, and email reputation data
  • Check for malicious links within the email body and attachments to block phishing attacks via enhanced web reputation
  • Drop up to 85% of all incoming email using email sender reputation to free network resources
  • Integrate with the Microsoft Outlook junk email folder
  • Stop more spam than other email server security solutions, according to independent tests
  • Support data privacy and compliance policies with optional data loss prevention


The switch to Trend Micro has been a win-win for Bishop Luffa school in many ways. Boxall couldn’t be happier with ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange. It has already paid for itself by offering:

  • Incredible ease of use, quick, easy and intuitive to manage
  • Management console which generates a huge range of graphical information, so managers can get far greater visibility into their network security posture, and the product’s performance
  • Flexibility to add customer-prescribed blocking of file types, e.g. Flash files
  • Phishing and malware blocking that rival products can’t match
  • Leading anti-spam capabilities
  • Zero complaints about false positives