Telecom Italia

Chooses Trend Micro to secure its virtualized data center


Telecom Italia is a leader in the Italian ICT (Information and Communications Technology) market and is active in the following sectors: fixed and mobile telecommunications, Internet, business systems and solutions, research and development. Nuvola Italiana is Telecom Italia’s cloud computing service which transforms the corporate IT infrastructure into an “on demand” service that can be adapted to meet customer needs.


With malware and other attacks rapidly increasing in number and complexity, it’s critical for anyone offering advanced computing services to adopt an easy-to-manage, cost-effective solution that can protect its systems from serious threats.

For Nuvola Italiana, its cloud services division operating a virtualized data center, Telecom Italia has chosen Trend Micro Deep Security, a comprehensive and flexible server security platform to protect applications and data from breaches and business disruptions while simplifying management. “Computer security software is constantly evolving,” says Fabio Civita, Market Security Operation Center Manager for Telecom Italia. “For us, it was important to take action on possible vulnerabilities in our IT infrastructures. The increasing quality of the threats to which our systems are subjected led us to opt for one complete solution that could protect both physical and virtual servers. We were looking for total protection in our VMware environmentwith agentless security and virtual patching.”

Why Trend Micro

Telecom Italia’s objective was to secure Nuvola Italiana’s virtual infrastructure that provides cloud computing services to tens of thousands of companies ranging from large enterprises to small businesses “Collaboration with Trend Micro began years ago when we adopted their anti-virus systems for our employees’ computers, which led to our adoption of Deep Security throughout our virtual environments. Trend Micro’s solution for modern data centers was selected from a shortlist of eight candidates because it was the most suitable tool for our needs and also the most evolved, especially in terms of interaction with the hardware and software platform that was the base of the entire system,” says Civita.


At the beginning of 2012, Deep Security was installed on 80 VDI (Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure) servers and 150 additional virtual servers.In the middle of 2013, Deep Security was deployed on the rest of Nuvola Italia’s servers—800 virtual and 1,200 physical.

"It is a complete solution that can easily be integrated with the technology we use. We were able to easily set up a protection system that is effective and easy to manage for all our machines operating in our virtualized data center.

Fabio Civita,
Market Security Operation Center Manager,
Telecom Italia


The decision to choose Trend Micro has also improved manageability of security in the VMware environments that Telecom Italia uses, reducing the need for continuous configuration and updating operations. In particular, virtual patching makes it possible to shield vulnerabilities before any intrusion actually occurs. “Deep Securityis a comprehensive solution because it provides not only antivirus services, but also anti-malware and IDS/IPS, as well as host firewalls. In the event of an attack, we now have a range of effective methods that can be put immediately into place until the problem can be solved,” says Civita.


Trend Micro Deep Security has provided Telecom Italia with a server protection platform that is flexible and scalable. It protects virtualized Nuvola Italiana systems from data breaches and business disruptions, ensuring a high degree of operational continuity. Deep Security has also made it possible to reduce operating costs and resource use, while improving performance. The Trend Micro solutionhas allowed Telecom Italia to simplify the work of IT administrators who no longer have to worry about emergency patching.

The Nuvola Italiana administrators can manage the entire IT infrastructure via a single console, promoting better delivery of anti-malware and virtual patching. “As a provider of cloud services, we must guarantee monitoring and basic security for all clients, even those who do not purchase services from us, but are collocated in our data centers,” Civita says. “In some cases, these clients may inadvertently be carriers of malware which can put our entire system at risk. Thanks to Trend Micro, we don’t just have a simple antivirus, but a comprehensive security suite, which allows us to control the Nuvola Italiana environment and the whole overall network—thus protecting all of our clients.”