Secures data for millions of patients on AWS with Trend Micro Deep Security


Cloudticity is a next-generation managed services provider (MSP) for the healthcare industry. The company helps healthcare organizations with ground-breaking automation to design, build, migrate, and manage HIPAA-compliant solutions in the public cloud. Combining its technology ingenuity with intuitive, born-in-the-cloud expertise, Cloudticity works with healthcare providers, payers, and partners from across the industry.

Founded in 2011, Cloudticity was the first company to focus on HIPAA-compliant solutions on Amazon Web ServicesSM (AWS) where they installed the first health information exchange. HITRUST-certified and healthcare exclusive, Cloudticity is an AWS Audited MSP with eight distinct AWS accreditations. The company has reinvented managed services for the digital era with Cloudticity Oxygen™, its next-gen solution that embraces automation and delivers agility, security, reliability, and compliance for healthcare organizations supporting tens of millions of patients.


When Cloudticity first entered the public cloud market in 2011, CIOs had big security concerns about the public cloud. “The public cloud providers have earned their trust,” said Miller. “Today, the big question for healthcare organizations is not whether they should move to the cloud, but when.”

While AWS provides a secure platform, it’s up to customers to secure their applications, operating systems, and data. Cloudticity’s clients needed security that protects against known and zero-day attacks, examines all traffic for protocol deviations, analyzes operating systems and application logs for suspicious behavior, monitors changes, blocks attacks, and improves response time in the event of an incident.

In 2011, Cloudticity searched for a security solution that offered a consolidated view into all areas of a company’s security, automating repetitive tasks, immediately securing new AWS instances, and producing reports for auditors. They found it in Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ solution. Today, Cloudticity needs support for its rapid expansion. “Automation is key to delivering security services to a growing customer base, and Deep Security provides the scalability we need to continue expanding our business,” said Miller.

Why Trend Micro

Miller’s first touchpoint with Trend Micro happened in 2011, when he approached them about Trend Micro products for a customer. Having his business and technical questions answered, Miller also found a security company that was ready to support his business goals on AWS. After doing a proof of concept on Trend Micro™ Deep Security™, Miller found an ideal security solution for satisfying the security needs of Cloudticity’s healthcare clients.

Today, Cloudticity includes Deep Security in every proposal it delivers to customers.

"Deep Security is a quality solution that aligns with our core mission to reinvent managed services for healthcare. Our partnership with Trend Micro is critical to Cloudticity’s continued growth."

Gerry Miller,
Founder/CEO/CTO, Cloudticity


With Trend Micro™ Deep Security™, Cloudticity delivers the security their clients need to protect patient information and comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and other regulations in the AWS cloud. “Deep Security has always been a rock-solid product that allows us to certify the solutions we build for our clients are compliant and protect sensitive patient information,” said Miller. “Deep Security’s new, automated features enable greater predictability, agility, auditability, and scalability to support our rapid growth.”

Cloudticity appreciates the immediate protection Deep Security delivers upon launch of a new AWS instance and the alerts that flag potential problems. “Every piece of Deep Security is important to us—the powerful, stateful firewall, automated protection, intrusion detection, log monitoring, and the anti-malware protection with constant updates,” said Miller. “In several cases, Deep Security’s intrusion detection alarms helped us identify configuration issues that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise.”

Deep Security is also a big hit with Cloudticity’s customers like Verge Health. “Using a reliable, HIPAA-compliant security solution allows Verge Health to accelerate our time to market while continuing to lead conversations around security. Working with Cloudticity, processes that used to take weeks, now take minutes,” said James Lawson, Chief Solutions Officer at Verge Health.

"We appreciate Deep Security’s new automated features that increase security and demonstrate Trend Micro’s commitment to further automation."

Gerry Miller,
Founder/CEO/CTO, Cloudticity


Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ dramatically reduces the time and resources Cloudticity needs to secure their client data. “The single-console access to security information and alerts increase our efficiency and profitability,” said Miller. “Our customers feel more secure knowing their information is always protected.”

Since first deploying Deep Security, the Cloudticity team and Trend Micro have developed a mutually beneficial relationship. Trend Micro’s focus on continued improvement and automation have helped Cloudticity drive rapid growth, while Cloudticity is helping Trend Micro align more closely with AWS. At the same time, Deep Security’s ease of deployment and operation frees up time for Cloudticity to focus on other priorities, like developing new customer solutions and growing the business.

What's next?

For Cloudticity, supporting its growth and providing healthcare customers with the best possible protection continues to be the company’s focus. “Trend Micro plans to add machine learning to its growing list of advanced threat defense techniques, and we’re looking forward to applying machine learning to further strengthen our clients’ security profiles,” said Miller.