Continues to innovate in open source landscape with Trend Micro Cloud One


Zup was created in 2011 in Uberlândia, MG, Brazil to bring B2B digital solutions in the form of projects. After launching one product in their first year of operation, Zup now ranks among the largest open source companies in the country. With the addition of three additional products, Zup helps deliver digital transformation to businesses across a variety of industries. Ten years after its founding, the company is now part of the Itaú Group and has helped clients across the country achieve their goals.


Zup was born in the cloud and relies on a multi-cloud environment to bring agility and scalability to its operations. But operating completely within the cloud has presented many challenges for the company’s IT team.

Multi-cloud environments allow customers to use the best solutions from a variety of providers to optimize operations. However, when it comes to visibility, this model can be complex to manage, as many security solution providers cannot properly integrate monitoring across all clouds.

“We didn’t have a partner that brought cloud visibility,” says Gilmar Esteves, VP of Engineering at Zup. “The Zup problem was complex. Since we use a ‘serverless’ environment, we didn’t have a traditional structure with a physical server in the office”. This feature, by itself, was already a challenge, as the tool should work well without the need to deploy or install it in a physical environment.

Why Trend Micro?

Researching the market, Esteves and his team were interested in a solution called Cloud Conformity, later acquired by Trend Micro. This tool, now known as Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity, delivers visibility and security posture management. The ability for Conformity to secure growth within the company helped Esteves choose this unique platform.

"We were looking for a partner who understands our way of working and who can contribute to the research and direction of the product"

Gilmar Esteves
VP of Engineering, Zup


The implementation of Conformity was a success for Zup. “We saved many hours of work and obtained a reduction in the engineering load,” says Esteve. Conformity’s ability to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in a precise and agile way was also a major selling point. “Purchasing Conformity through the AWS Marketplace also enhanced our experience because it was so simple to do.”


Zup implemented Conformity just as the company was being acquired by Trend Micro. They tested out the solution by joining their beta program. Trend Micro implemented their vast knowledge and experience to the service and helped to customize the resources Zup required when they launched. This possibility was one of the deciding factors in Zup’s decision to choose Conformity. “We were looking for a partner who understood our way of working and who could also contribute to the research and direction of the product, given our development and research profile,” says Esteves. He also worked closely with the Trend Micro team at their headquarters in Dallas. This helped to bring even more synergy between the teams and develop a solution that was fully adequate to meet Zup’s challenges.

"We saved many hours of work and obtained a reduction in the engineering load."

Gilmar Esteves
VP of Engineering, Zup

What's Next

Zup remains an important name in innovation and open source security across Brazil. Their partnership with Trend Micro remains strong to this day, helping bring reliable solutions and providing Zup with the tools to grow in the cloud and take digital transformation to new levels.