Delivers comprehensive security for commercial enterprises and government agencies


XentIT is a full service IT firm specializing in information security, governance, risk and compliance, cloud technology, and managed IT services for commercial enterprises and government agencies. Founded in 2006, XentIT has a successful track record in understanding its clients’ business objectives and pain points to determine and implement the right technology solution. Clients include one of the world’s largest law firms, one of the largest US banks, one of world’s largest HR software and services firms, the US State Department, NASA, US Department of Justice, one of the largest hospitals in the southeast, and the US Library of Congress. 


Since XentIT’s clients are recognized globally, they represent a tempting target for cyberattacks, especially as these organizations move more applications and data to the cloud. Among today’s growing threats are ransomware (cyber extortion) and covert, targeted attacks using advanced techniques. These can wreak havoc on a company’s IT systems, up to and including shutting them down until resolution. In highly regulated industries, such as government agencies and corporate enterprises in industries such as finance and healthcare, this can be especially burdensome as these organizations are required to meet stringent compliance regulations concerning their data security.

While its government clients typically respond quickly to the spectrum of global cyber threats, XentIT’s enterprise clients can be reluctant to confront security vulnerabilities if it means impacting their bottom line. That’s where XentIT’s years of experience come in.


Today’s headlines are led with stories about security breaches, so the C-Suite needs to view security as a strategic asset that protects their valuable IP and business assets rather than simply an expense item on the balance sheet,

Tariq Alvi,
Founder and President of XentIT. 


Why Trend Micro

Before founding XentIT a decade ago, Alvi implemented ERP systems for large enterprises. It was here that he was first introduced to Trend Micro. He was particularly impressed with the comprehensive, end-to-end security capabilities of Trend Micro solutions. In fact, when Alvi started XentIT, Trend Micro became his first software partner. 


One solution — Trend’s unique Smart Protection Network, the global threat intelligence — that powers all of their solutions — end points, physical and virtual servers, web portals, email, network intrusion, and behavior analysis. That is a very compelling selling point.

Tariq Alvi
Founder and President, XentIT 


Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ and Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ are XentlT’s flagship security solutions—and with good reason. As businesses and organizations shift more of their critical assets to the cloud, Deep Security™ offers them a highly scalable, automated solution that gives these organizations the added security they require.

What’s more, as the popularity of virtualization increased, and then cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services℠ (AWS), XentIT needed a solution that could deliver security for all environments – physical, virtual and cloud.

The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network powers all security solutions, including Deep Discovery™, which allows XentIT to create custom defense solutions to detect, analyze, and respond to ransomware, advanced persistent threats and targeted attacks in real time for their clients.

In addition, for clients in highly regulated industries, like government and healthcare, Deep Security includes a number of key reporting features that can be essential when undergoing federally mandated security audits. It also allows security features to be implemented in a phased, gradual manner by turning its modules on or off as needed. 


For XentIT clients, Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ ensures data remains safe when running critical applications in traditional, virtualized or cloud environments. This is invaluable as XentIT’s federal and enterprise clients scale data resources to address pressing business and marketing opportunities.

The compliance reporting features of Trend Micro solutions are critical for XentIT’s customers who need to comply with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) for healthcare, or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for the financial sector. For example, one of XentIT’s healthcare clients, a major hospital system in Georgia, received the highest HIPAA audit rating in its history after implementing a custom solution utilizing Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™.

Finally, when implementing and maintaining IT solutions for some of the largest organizations in the US, communication is key. Issues need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, otherwise organizations may find themselves in a world of trouble. That’s why Deborah Larkins, XentIT Lead Technologist, praises Trend Micro’s technical support team. “Having a network of technical people to reach out to at any moment is invaluable,” Larkins said. “The engineers at Trend Micro immediately respond to requests and work diligently to come up with the best response.” 

What's Next

As a valued Trend Micro Gold Partner, XentIT recently beta tested Deep Security 10 and is looking forward to implementing it. “Participating in the Deep Security 10 Preview was a great experience. It provided me with an opportunity to share feedback on features that I am going to use and sell,” said Larkins.

For XentIT, two features of the beta stood out: “The built-in ransomware behavior monitoring, which blocks malware, is becoming essential as malware becomes more sophisticated,” said Larkins. “The smart folders feature is also very important for many of our clients. It allows security managers in large or co-hosted environments with lots of sub-organizations to categorize their servers in a meaningful, logical way.”

XentIT believes that the integration of Trend Micro solutions will fit perfectly with its long range business model. “Clients now want to offload their security, and managed services so that it is more affordable, faster to deploy, and show immediate results.”