Azra Solutions

Protects customers with a unified security platform


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Azra Solutions offers a team approach and personalized services, providing managed services, mobility, collaboration, and cloud services for businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. Founded in 2015 and a Trend Micro partner since 2016, the company works with businesses of all sizes to implement “best fit” technologies, reduce costs, and increase revenue and investment opportunities to drive growth for clients.

Azra Solutions serves more than 350 customers across a variety of industries, including food and beverage, and manufacturing. “Establishing strong relationships and taking extra steps to satisfy our customers is very important to us. To date, we haven’t encountered a problem we couldn’t resolve,” said Dylan Hunne, Director and Senior Solutions Architect at Azra Solutions.


As a managed services provider, Azra Solutions is intimately aware of customer challenges—and aims to deliver the best security solution for each business. For example, some businesses struggle with malware issues resulting from ineffective email security, while others were concerned with achieving compliance mandates. They all needed protection from new and emerging threats like CryptoLocker ransomware and zero-day exploits.

In addition, Azra Solutions wanted a security vendor with products that spanned the enterprise. Disparate antivirus products, each with their own management console, were time-consuming to use and difficult to monitor. “To support our growing client base and satisfy their unique requirements, Azra Solutions needed a unified security service platform with central management that could serve a wide range of business customers,” said Hunne.

Why Trend Micro

In its search, Azra Solutions reached out to several leading security providers and was impressed by how quickly Trend Micro responded to the request for information. “Trend Micro was incredibly responsive from the beginning. A representative called me an hour after I submitted the application,” said Hunne.

Azra Solutions was also impressed with Trend Micro’s reputation as an industry leader, its focus on support for channel partners, and its rich set of product offerings. Hunne added, “One of the most appealing aspects of Trend Micro was their ability to provide antivirus and security suites to any industry.”

"I was surprised by the number of solutions Trend Micro offered—they have everything we need to fulfill 100% of our customer’s requirements."

Dylan Hunne,
Director and Senior Solutions Architect,
Azra Solutions


Since implementing Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security (Standard and Advanced), Trend Micro™ Hosted Email Security™, and Trend Micro™ Cloud App Security™, Azra Solutions has processed more than 1,000 endpoint licenses. “I was surprised by the number of solutions Trend Micro offered—they have everything we need to fulfill 100% of our customer’s requirements,” said Hunne.

Worry-Free Business Security provides complete user protection that includes antivirus, antispam, web security, ransomware protection, and data security for PCs, Macs, servers, and mobile devices. Centralized control makes it easy to monitor activity.

Hosted Email Security requires no maintenance and delivers continuously updated protection to stop phishing, ransomware, advanced threats, spam, and malware before they reach customers’ networks. It also protects Microsoft® Exchange™, Microsoft® Office 365™, Google Gmail, and other hosted and on-premises email solutions.

Cloud App Security gives Azra Solutions’ clients the efficiency of cloud services while maintaining a strong security profile. Cloud App Security protects incoming and internal Office 365 email from advanced malware, and compliance is enforced on cloud filesharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Finally, Trend Micro’s suite of security products can be deployed on the client’s site or hosted by Azra Solutions. “The ability to host Trend Micro solutions lets our team manage our customers’ security from anyplace and at any time,” said Hunne.

"No matter what kind of business you have, if you want best-in-class security at a reasonable price, Trend Micro has the products, support, and partnership that will help you succeed."

Dylan Hunne,
Director and Senior Solutions Architect,
Azra Solutions


Since deploying Trend Micro security, Azra Solutions has realized significant benefits, including increased revenue, unified management capabilities, and stronger customer relationships. It has also helped Azra Solutions open discussions with customers about additional security opportunities. Most important, Trend Micro security solutions have helped Azra Solutions grow their business. The company has increased sales performance by nearly 50%, and Trend Micro products now account for 30% of their business. “We have not received a single complaint since deploying Trend Micro solutions. Senior management can see the benefits right away and end users are very satisfied with performance,” said Hunne.

What's Next

To assist its customers, Azra Solutions is developing a new service that delivers detailed records of employee activity, including non-productive time on social media or accessing suspicious websites. “We have an opportunity to align this solution with Trend Micro’s ability to block specific websites, to make it easier to keep our client’s employees both protected and productive,” said Hunne.

Azra Solutions is also considering adding Trend Micro™ Deep Security™, which would benefit current clients and new enterprise customers. “No matter what kind of business you have, Trend Micro has the products, support, and partnership that will help you succeed,” said Hunne.