Lighting Manufacturer

Enhances efficiency and ransomware protection


A leading provider of lighting and building management solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications sells products under various brand names globally. The company offers solutions for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings, as well as industrial facilities and infrastructure projects, including highways, airports, and tunnels. It also provides services such as wireless and network control-based lighting, energy audits, and turnkey labor renovation.


The lighting manufacturer’s IT team always looks for ways to improve efficiency, increase visibility, and keep threats out of its systems. They first engaged with Trend Micro several years ago, when their previous security provider couldn’t provide the endpoint protection they needed. They chose Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™ to protect 6,000 endpoints for their internal users. The company’s IT team also wanted to protect the external users at the remote agencies it supported. The manufacturer chose Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Services to protect the desktops and laptops of approximately 3,000 users.

The manufacturer was recently challenged with updating the agents installed on aging corporate computers, many of which used different security consoles. This made it difficult to determine which machines were targeted by attacks or already infected with malware. “While updating security agents across our entire environment was tedious and time-consuming, we took all the measures needed to ensure our endpoints were protected against attacks,” said the manufacturer’s Lead Network Engineer.

The manufacturer was also concerned with preventing ransomware that was increasingly pounding its network and endpoints. Ransomware, which blocks access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid, would encrypt files on one of the manufacturer’s computers or servers, blocking access to key files.

"With Worry-Free Services, we see threat activity across the entire organization from a single pane of glass."

Network Engineer

Why Trend Micro

To manage these concerns, the manufacturer needed an endpoint security solution that was easy to implement, highly scalable, and provided visibility into the endpoints and the threats trying to invade them. “We’ve used Trend Micro products for many years, and we’ve always been very satisfied with the products and support,” said the manufacturer’s Lead Network Engineer.

Since Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Services was already in place for the 3,000 endpoints of its remote agencies, the manufacturer was familiar with the solution’s ability to quickly identify and stop threats, and it required less effort to scale and manage. The manufacturer worked closely with CDW Corporation, a Trend Micro National Channel Partner and 2015 Partner of the Year, throughout the contract negotiation process. “We managed the transactional process by providing quotes and developing creative payment models that gave the manufacturer pricing flexibility,” said the Commercial Account Manager at CDW.


In addition to providing host-based protection for its endpoints, Trend Micro™ Worry- Free™ Services allowed the manufacturer to move their security infrastructure to the cloud. “We always seek ways to improve efficiency, and Trend Micro Worry-Free Services helps us get more done with less,” said the manufacturer’s Lead Network Engineer.

The Worry-Free™ Services web management console makes it easy to see activity in the manufacturer’s threat landscape and helps ensure the endpoints of their new acquisitions are protected and fully functional. “With Worry-Free Services, we see threat activity across the entire organization from a single pane of glass. This is extremely helpful when we’re delivering consistent protection for new acquisitions,” said the manufacturer’s Lead Network Engineer.

CDW played a key role in the solution partnership. CDW offered creative payment options that met the manufacturer’s needs, and provided an extra layer of assurance for the company.


Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ significantly improved the manufacturer’s IT efficiency. “With Worry-Free Services we have two less servers to maintain, upgrade, and backup—that’s a big help,” said the manufacturer’s Lead Network Engineer.

Combined with alerts, Worry-Free™ Services reports help protect the manufacturer from ransomware. A report showing one week of threat activity identified the top five offenders, and 80 percent of those attacks were ransomware. “Worry-Free Services helps us stay on top of ransomware through its reporting and alerting functionalities,” said the manufacturer’s Lead Network Engineer.

Worry-Free Services continues to effectively protect a growing list of endpoints. In one week, Worry-Free Services identified 6,889 viruses, quarantined 6,000 files, and cleaned 900 files. “We’re becoming a software company, and we have a great deal of intellectual property that we need to protect. Trend Micro does it better than anybody else,” said the manufacturer’s Lead Network Engineer.

What's Next

As the lighting manufacturer continues to grow and embrace the digital age, they’re looking to additional protection that will keep them ahead of increasingly sophisticated attackers.