Brooks Rehabilitation

Gains visibility across its distributed network


Providing world-class rehabilitation solutions since 1970, Brooks Rehabilitation is dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of communities throughout the southeastern U.S. Brooks’ highly-trained clinicians provide the most advanced therapy and medical care, along with the compassion, motivation, and hope to help people reach their highest level of recovery.

Brooks operates one of the nation’s largest inpatient rehabilitation hospitals with 160 beds, one of the region’s largest home healthcare agencies, 32 outpatient rehabilitation clinics, and much more. Within the hospital is the Cybernic Treatment Center where they are introducing robotic treatment with the Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) for patients paralyzed by spinal cord injuries. In addition, Brooks operates the Clinical Research Center and provides many low- or no-cost community programs to improve the quality of life for people living with physical disabilities. To meet the needs of patients and clinicians, the IT organization supports more than 2,800 employees with two data centers, and approximately 150 servers.


For Brooks Rehabilitation, keeping its IT environment and patient personal health information protected across a widely distributed network is an ongoing priority—and a challenge. Like many healthcare organizations, Brooks was the target of constant cyber threats, including phishing emails that trick employees into revealing protected information, such as passwords, to gain access to business data, including credit card and patient information. Also, with approximately one-third of employees using mobile devices, Brooks needed to protect employees’ mobile devices and data.

Brooks is also required to meet HIPAA, HITECH Act1, and other compliance regulations. “Without visibility across our entire network’s threat landscape, it was difficult to identify threats, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and rapidly address them to ensure our systems and data were secure and in compliance with healthcare regulations,” said Brian Barbour, System Engineer/End User Experience at Brooks Rehabilitation.

Why Trend Micro

Brooks Rehabilitation has been a Trend Micro customer since 2013, and Barbour had used Trend Micro security products for 10 years before joining the company in early 2017. Barbour met with Trend Micro shortly after he joined, and quickly discovered that an upgrade to Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Complete would give them the powerful security capabilities they were looking for at minimal cost.

Brooks was impressed with how the entire Trend Micro team provided an amazing amount of help upfront to ensure their success. “They were always fast to respond to our inquiries and very helpful—which made our decision to work with them an easy one,” said Barbour.

"As a leader in treatment with robotic IoT devices, Trend Micro’s ability to provide security for these devices helps Brooks with the safety and well-being of patients."

Brian Barbour,
System Engineer/End User Experience,
Brooks Rehabilitation


To implement Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Complete, Brooks Rehabilitation started with a pilot implementation of Trend Micro™ Vulnerability Protection. Its network-level host intrusion prevention system shields against vulnerabilities in operating systems and client applications. “Trend Micro experts went above and beyond to help us simplify the implementation process,” said Barbour.

Brooks next implemented Trend Micro™ ScanMail™ solution to block traditional malware and guard against targeted email attacks and spear phishing using document exploit detection, enhanced web reputation, and sandboxing. In addition, Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ cloud-based security identifies and blocks threats in real time.

With Smart Protection Complete, Brooks can eliminate security gaps across any user activity and any endpoint using application control, intrusion prevention endpoint encryption, data loss prevention, and more. In addition, full disk encryption supports compliance. “Encryption is very important, especially with our mobile workforce. If a laptop containing personal health information is stolen and its disk is encrypted, we know we’re still compliant with HIPAA regulations,” said Barbour.

Finally, with Trend Micro™ Control Manager™ solution in place, Barbour and his team can manage multiple layers of connected threat and data protection for complete visibility. “It’s really helpful to see the entire threat landscape and know every facet of our IT infrastructure is protected,” said Barbour.

"The solution detected malicious code and removed hundreds of phishing emails from our system with the click of a button."

Brian Barbour,
System Engineer/End User Experience,
Brooks Rehabilitation


Since deploying Smart Protection Complete, Brooks has gained several benefits, including identifying and stopping phishing exploits. “The solution detected malicious code and removed hundreds of phishing emails from our system with the click of a button,” said Barbour. “With the solution’s encryption capabilities, we reduced our encryption time by 30 percent and now have greater compliance protection at a reduced cost.”

In addition to providing visibility across the threat landscape, Control Manager integrates every Trend Micro product in a single view. “Control Manager allows us to see our top 10 risky users and provides behavioral analysis, so we can see what transpired to create an issue,” said Barbour.

“As a leader in treatment with robotic IoT devices, Trend Micro’s ability to provide security for these devices helps Brooks with the safety and well-being of patients. I’ve worked with Trend Micro products most of my career. Trend Micro not only keeps up with changes in technology, but I’m confident they’ll be here to take care of new threats as they arise,” said Barbour.

What's Next

Looking ahead, Brooks Rehabilitation plans to implement additional cloud solutions offered by Trend Micro™ Smart Protection suites. Barbour and his team are also considering Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security, and Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ network defense solution to further protect their IT environment, information and users.