Grand Port Maritime of Marseille

Deploys an interconnected security arsenal thanks to Trend Micro


Marseille-Fos Port, first French port and second port in the Mediterranean, is the natural gateway to southern Europe. Located in an area as large as Paris, Marseille-Fos Port has the space and infrastructure to accommodate maritime, logistics and industrial activities. The port also meets the international standards required to host passenger, cruise and ferry activities. More than 2 million passengers pass through Marseille-Fos Port every year.


Migrating to the cloud requires a new security strategy

One of the main challenges Marseille-Fos Port faced was modernizing its computing environment without exposing themselves to cyber threats. The IT operations department—integrated into the DSI —manages business applications, the urbanization of inter-application exchanges and back office systems, the two data centers, the front office, and a micro-computing structure (hotline), all in an IT environment consisting of 1,000 workstations, 300 mobile and 300 virtual servers.

After turning to virtualization and the cloud, GPMM had to consider a new strategy for server security, specifically for antivirus and antimalware protection. “With our new private cloud environment, we not only needed the security solutions to adapt to this type of infrastructure, but also be more agile and closer to the machine,” says Cyril Ceresola, Systems and Security Engineer, GPMM. Added to this was the increased need for monitoring, a crucial element of complex security environment like the cloud. “With the proliferation of crypto-malware, it had become imperative to obtain a holistic view of events across all our layers of security—including virtual machines—and to rapidly expand our malware detection capabilities.”

Why Trend Micro

Strengthening security barriers while bridging vulnerabilities through virtual patching

To address these new challenges and cope with evolving threats, GPMM turned to Trend Micro. For the past 15 years, they’ve been providing security solutions for both GPMM and Marseille-Fos Port, and helped the port evolve their security solutions to protect various layers of IT.


GPMM has implemented the Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ solution to protect its new virtualized environment and integrated Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete without compromising the security of emails, desktops and applications. Smart Protection Complete allowed GPMM to maintain a constant level of security in the face of evolving threats and helped them remain agile by activating functional modules along the water in accordance to the changing needs of the IT environment. In addition Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Analyzer helped optimize the malware detection capabilities of all GPMM’s security solutions to automate a large number of security tasks, including distribution of signatures across all of their Trend Micro products. Recognized as the world’s leading search and discovery platform for more than 10 years, Trend Micro’s Zero-Day Initiative™ (ZDI) has played a major role in identifying severe and critical bugs. ZDI has helped to identify more than 50 percent of global vulnerabilities in 2018 and provides visibility, on average, 57 days before the breach is reported by the publisher.

"Trend Micro Professional Services are very effective. They have brought us significant time savings, whether in deployment or training. In addition, Virtual Patching will clearly streamline delays to protect us, offering real time savings, while drastically reducing risk"

Stéphane Sauvant
Manager, Administration System
and Workstations, GPMM


“We have been spared by large-scale cyberattacks such as WannaCry, and all identified malware was contained without impacting our organization,” says Stéphane Sauvant, System Administration and Workstation Manager for GPMM. “By virtualizing our environment, however, we had to deal with new complexities in security, including a greater risk of vulnerabilities. Trend Micro’s centralized management console provides consistent security monitoring across all installed solutions, improving our threat response capability. It gives us a 360-degree view while optimizing the use of internal resources. “

One of the most critical improvements GPMM made is to deploy Trend Micro Deep Security allowing for faster and more effective virtual patching. Deep Security relies on intrusion detection and prevention technologies to cover the vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, thus making it possible to address the operational problems related to emergency patches system inactivity or internal restricted teams.

Professional services to strengthen GDPR compliance

At the heart of its GDPR compliance process, Marseille-Fos Port has benefited from Trend Micro’s informed insight, helping them to audit existing systems, validating security objectives, and assuring all solutions were compliant. “The Trend Micro teams dispatched to the site enabled us to upgrade our solutions in just eight days, instead of three months if we did it ourselves,” says Stéphane Sauvant. The reporting generated by this Trend Micro service allowed them to prove compliance to GDPR authorities.

“We were impressed by the spectrum covered by Trend Micro’s range of solutions, as well as by their ability to communicate with each other, which has greatly simplified the management of security.” concludes Cyril Ceresola. “Our future projects? Work with our network colleagues with their own security solutions, creating gateways to implement granular security and micro-segmentation closer to the machine. “