Speeds past cyber threats by protecting legacy systems and improving compliance by 100%


Founded in 1998, SuperVia Urban Trains is a privately held Brazilian company that operates railroad services in metropolitan Rio de Janeiro. In 2010, the company was purchased by Odebrecht TransPort, which focuses on urban mobility, road concessions, integrated logistics systems, and airports.

With a network that includes a 270 km railroad line and 102 stations in 12 cities, SuperVia moves an average of 600,000 passengers each day. The company’s 2,500 employees are distributed across five different facilities, with an IT environment that includes 500 workstations, a central data centre housing 200 servers, as well legacy systems and applications.


For SuperVia, keeping its IT environment protected from cyber threats presents unique challenges. With an array of legacy systems, servers, and applications, they deal with an increasing number of vulnerabilities—and defending this aging technology from modern exploits can be complex and resource intensive. “Even though we have several older applications like Java 1.6 and Windows Server 2003, we must guarantee security of our systems and data,” said Gilberto Sousa, CIO at SuperVia

In addition to securing its legacy systems, SuperVia has vital information to protect, including financial information, contracts, and even photos and video content collected from cameras at its railway stations. To defend against ransomware attacks and comply with regulations from its parent company, Sousa and his team realised they needed more visibility into their threat environment—and the ability to effectively manage their security profile. “With our previous security solution, we had viruses introduced by USB devices, ransomware incidents, and we were unable to comply with our parent company’s regulations,” said Sousa.

Why Trend Micro

Knowing the growing challenges they faced, the SuperVia team began to explore other security solutions from major vendors. Although SuperVia’s parent company used Trend Micro solutions to protect its environments and highly recommended it, this was not the only factor that influenced Sousa’s decision. “We were aware of Trend Micro’s excellent reputation. However, once we reviewed capabilities like vulnerability protection, we knew it could secure our legacy environment. We’ve been a Trend Micro partner since 2015, and it’s been a very good experience,” said Sousa.

"Even though we have a very complex environment, I trust Trend Micro completely and believe they offer the best security solution in today’s marketplace."

Gilberto Sousa,
Chief Information Officer,


To protect its legacy environment, address vulnerability challenges, protect sensitive information, and ease compliance issues, SuperVia deployed Trend Micro™ Smart Protection for Endpoints. The solution is powered by XGen™ security, which infuses high-fidelity machine learning into a blend of threat protection techniques to eliminate security gaps across any user activity and any endpoint. “This multi-layered approach protects our legacy environment from ransomware, unknown malware, targeted attacks, and other exploits,” said Sousa

With Smart Protection for Endpoints, SuperVia gains protection for its endpoints, smartphones and tablets, USB and removable drives, and file servers. The solution provides proactive threat protection, and vulnerability protection to shield against vulnerabilities in SuperVia’s legacy systems and applications.

The solution also includes endpoint application control and encryption, as well as centralised management with Trend Micro™ Control Manager. “Trend Micro solutions offer several advantages over competitor products—we appreciate the security capabilities embedded in solutions like OfficeScan™ and Vulnerability Protection,” said Sousa.


Since installing Trend Micro™ Smart Protection for Endpoints, SuperVia has seen a dramatic improvement in its overall security. From the start, the solution increased visibility into the company’s threat landscape and protected vulnerabilities across its legacy environment.

"In the past two years, Trend Micro Smart Protection for Endpoints has stopped more than 18,000 attacks and we’ve improved our compliance by 100%."

Gilberto Sousa,
Chief Information Officer

Trend Micro™ Control Manager also delivered significant benefits to SuperVia’s IT security team. With centralised management, they have the visibility across multiple layers of the IT infrastructure to manage potential risks. Control Manager simplifies security administration and policy enforcement, which helps reduce security management costs. “We’ve improved our IT efficiency by more than 50% since we started using Control Manager—it really makes it easy to manage security,” said Sousa.

The greatest benefit is the peace of mind that comes with knowing SuperVia’s IT environment is secure from cyber threats. “Even though we have a very complex IT environment, I trust Trend Micro completely and believe they offer the best security solution in today’s marketplace,” said Sousa.

What's Next

With vital systems, applications and information to protect, Sousa and his team are always looking for ways to stay protected from new and evolving threats. With its legacy systems, applications, and workstations secure, SuperVia is focusing on more protection for its servers. “We’re planning to upgrade our servers and deploy Trend Micro Deep Security solution,” said Sousa.