Sinar Mas Land

Implements high-level of protection with a big impact on business growth


Information Technology (IT) has become the crucial part of Sinar Mas Land (SML) business. The role of IT changed for SML, from providing business support to becoming a business enabler.

The significant role of IT for the company’s business has increased with the merging of Duta Pertiwi (an Indonesia-based property developer that is engaged in the construction and real estate business, such as condominiums, apartments, office buildings, shopping centers), with Bumi Serpong Damai (a company focused on the home and housing business, first-rate infrastructure with complete facilities).


SML realizes that today’s IT trends, such as cloud, big data, and social media have brought great business opportunities, as well as, serious security threats.

SML’s vast growing property and infrastructure business that runs throughout cities in Indonesia, and countries, such as China, Malaysia and Singapore, has resulted in the emergence of big data. The explosion of big data required the company to provide a large amount of resources, from fleet deployment to operations and maintenance.

The merging of SML’s business triggered a high need for new end-to-end external facing web servers, data centers, endpoints, and network. With these new systems in place, security holes are created, increasing the potential for cyber-attacks.

Prior to 2011, SML’s security system was scattered, siloed, and un-integrated. This complicated IT operations and slowed IT down in the deployment of patches. Furthermore, the system also suffered from potential unauthorized changes. The concern over targeted attacks and visibility of malicious activity on the network rose. There was no safeguard against zero-day viruses and malware. This created a high risk of a potential data breach occurring through non-secured data exchanges between employees and data back-ups that used non secured flash disks, emails, and other removable media.

“In the past, SML experienced several IT issues that included server downfall, viruses, and targeted attacks that interrupted whole business performance, and other security threats, such as unauthorized changes, and unpatched servers in data centers that negatively impacted SML’s business. One of our hotel businesses almost collapsed, as it failed to provide online reservations to its customers,” said Irvan Yasni, Corporate IT Director.

SML saw business opportunities from the emerging IT trends, including cloud, social media, and big data. They realized that these advances also came with big risks to their systems.

“We needed a world-class, comprehensive security solution that was capable of providing a more efficient IT system with maximum end-to-end, highly effective protection, with excellent after-sales service. At the same time, the needs for centralized and integrated IT system have increased,” Irvan explained.

Trend Micro solutions have helped SML to gain maximum benefit and business acceleration and increase ROI of company’s IT implementation. We are satisfied with Trend Micro’s solutions that have met our expectations. We consider to implement Trend Micro’s extensive solutions for our future needs and requirements as we are planning to implement big data this year, as well as BYOD in 2015.

Irvan Yasni
Corporate IT Director,
Sinar Mas Land


In April 2012, SML decided to build a more integrated IT system and strengthened IT infrastructure by implementing a Virtualized Data Center with a reliable security solution that had multi-tenancy, better server utilization, and data center consolidation. It also demanded a multi-layered security system that included both in host and network level, firewall and antispam, and was capable of detecting, analyzing, and blocking threats with high visibility of malicious activity on the network.

SML decided to implement Trend Micro products such as OfficeScan™ for endpoints, Deep Security™ for Server and VDI, Deep Discovery™ Inspector, Deep Discovery Advisor and Deep Security for Web Apps. SML also adopted SafeSync™ for Enterprise and Premium Support Program (PSP) service. In the beginning of the partnership, SML implemented PSP Silver, which was then upgraded to PSP Gold to improve the level of Trend Micro’s service for SML.

Trend Micro Deep Security solutions implemented by SML have provided the company with a higher- level, and stronger security system that is comprehensive, adaptive, and highly efficient with its agentless and agent-based protection. Deep Security includes anti-malware, intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, web application protection, integrity monitoring, and log inspection.

“This agentless solution simplifies security operations and management with higher virtualization density. In terms of strengthening company’s security system, we believe that Deep Security is the most powerful product compared to the others, while enabling regulatory compliance and accelerating the ROI of virtualization and cloud projects,” said Irvan.

SML also implemented Trend Micro Deep Discovery, an effective solution that provides SML with the network-wide visibility, insight, and control to combat against advanced persistent threats (APT’s) and targeted attacks. For advanced threat protection, Deep Discovery uniquely detects and identifies evasive threats in real time. It then provides in-depth analysis and relevant actionable intelligence to assess, remediate, and defend the business against targeted attacks. SafeSyncTM enabled employees to back up and sync files between computers and mobile devices within the networks.

“We considered Trend Micro because of its leading position and reputation in the industry. The company offers comprehensive products and services with high reliability in cloud security. Trend Micro’s proactive monthly visits are also very helpful,” Irvan stated. “By implementing a well-managed IT system with reliable security, we are optimistic that we will be able to seize big opportunities ahead at minimum risks.”


By implementing a secured, integrated, un-scattered, highly protected and more consolidated virtualized data center, SML has successfully reduced overall IT cost, and also reduced the number of employees deployed for operation and maintenance

“SML acknowledges that Trend Micro’s security solutions, particularly Deep Security, is reliable and effective in providing the system with high-level, stronger security, simplified management with enhanced virtualization density. The company’s critical data is now well protected,” said Teguh Budyantara, Corporate IT – Governance Head Sinar Mas Land, Indonesia. “In addition, Trend Micro Deep Discovery enables SML to control their anticipation and increase visibility and insights to combat attacks. More interestingly, employees can now exchange files and make back ups of their data with ease.”

SML’s solid, formidable IT system now recieves ultimate protection from attempted attacks, opening the greater opportunity to establish SML’s IT as a profit center as well as to provide reliable services for various entities. Trend Micro’s solutions have helped the company to prevent virus and malware attacks, which encompass almost 80% of all attempted threats to SML’s system. Up to 100% threats have been overcome.

According to Irvan, Trend Micro’s successful measures in providing a high level of protection from attacks and attempted threats have made a big impact on business growth. After the implementation of Trend Micro’s solutions, the company has experienced none of its previous failures, as they are now able to detect and analyze the potential threats earlier for further appropriate measures and protective actions.

“Trend Micro solutions have helped SML to gain maximum benefit and business acceleration, and increased the return on investment (ROI) of the company’s IT implementation. We are satisfied with Trend Micro’s solutions and the company has met our expectations. We are considering implementing more of Trend Micro’s extensive solutions for our future needs and requirements. We plan to look at big data this year, as well as supporting bring your own device (BYOD) in 2015,” Irvan Yasni concluded.

Today, SML’s IT has become one of company’s profit centers. Through a joint-venture business approach, they have started to provide services to several entities, including Hong Kong Land and Tirta Mas. SML is committed to building more joint ventures with other entities, and will therefore need further support from a reliable IT system.

In terms of strengthening company’s security system, we believe that Deep Security is the most powerful product compared to the others, while enabling regulatory compliance and accelerating the ROI of virtualization and cloud projects.

Irvan Yasni
Corporate IT Director,
Sinar Mas Land