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MFEC Public Co., Ltd. is one of leading providers of the business entity providing consultation, development and installation services for computer and IT network in Thailand.

Established since 1998, the company focuses on large enterprises demanding for advanced IT services. MFEC offers comprehensive services from consultations to solve problems or serve customers’ needs; develop and install IT and computer systems which include hardware, software, peripherals and network solution; system installation and testing; and maintenances.

As the leading Systems Integrator in Thailand, MFEC hires over 800 employees to comply its philosophy “Service is the core of business” and offer leading global IT products to serve customers.

Trend Micro is one of the world’s leading security providers and has been a strong partner of MFEC for over 11 years. MFEC is aware of the ceaseless developments and efforts of Trend Micro so MFEC is confident to offer Trend Micro products to its customers.


Damrongsak Reetanon, Assistant Vice President, Client Services & Support, MFEC Public Co., Ltd., said “banking sector is our key customer who constantly demands for the latest technologies. One of the leading Thai banks which enjoys huge successes from its concept “Make THE Difference” can constantly offer new financial products by upgrading the OS from Windows XP to Windows 7 for over 3,000 PCs. Consequently, this upgrade requires the replacements of all PCs and this bank calculated on the cost-effectiveness so it decided to use the existing PCs but adopted VMware’s VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) which put all PC operations at its data center. The PCs on the desk top will be just monitors to display data. This adoption of VDI resulted in the changes in security measures for PCs.

For the previous system, this bank needed to install security software to each PC. But with VDI running, the security system was only installed in server at data center so it required the security solution that supports VDI.


“Today, desktops keeps evolving and their security measure need to evolve. This bank installed Trend Micro Deep Security Virtual Appliance to protect VMware’s VDI solution embedded in its data center to refrain from installing security software in all its desktops while effectively preventing threats before they attack all desktops under VDI coverage.”

Why Trend Micro

Trend Micro’s Deep Security is the only security solution supporting VDI with “Agent-less” feature to deliver deduplication and enhance the performances of workflows. It can also prevent viruses, malwares and intrusions without agents in virtual world. Therefore, the PC maintenances has become much easier and consumed much less time.

Damrongsak added, “We chose this product from Trend Micro because it is the only vendor with technologies that can serve our requirements. Moreover, Deep Security is world’s first and only product developed for VMware with Agent-less feature. It also incorporates various technologies ranging from malware protection, web reputation, firewall, intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring and log inspection.

Security and We chose this product from Trend Micro because it is the only vendor with technologies that can serve our requirements.

Damrongsak Reetanon,
Assistant Vice President, Client ,
Services & Support, MFEC Public Co., Ltd.


After the system installation and running, users can enjoy more flexible workflows as their works can be moved around with them. They can carry laptops or smartphones to work from anywhere. This process also substantially cut costs on security management which requires repetitive interactions to install software in all PCs. With less time and complicate installations, this bank can reduce largely manpower on system administration and relocate them to take care of other projects. After the implementation, no problem was reported.


What's Next

After installing Deep Security for over 3,000 PCs in the headquarter, the bank planned to install this solution to cover its 20,000 PCs as the next steps.

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