Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel

Defends against cyber threats with Apex One for endpoints


Pan Pacific Vancouver is a four-diamond, five-star hotel in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. One of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, the hotel includes more than 500 luxury guestrooms, three restaurants, and meeting and event spaces. Managed by the Singapore-based Pan Pacific Hotels Group, the hotel is independently operated and has its own IT team.

About 180 of the hotel’s 500 employees use the organization’s computers daily. Some hotel workstations are in use 24 hours a day, so one computer might be used by multiple staff members. The hotel’s IT environment is virtualized and includes 12 network servers, all managed by a two-person IT staff. Most of the hotel’s applications—including Oracle® property and restaurant management systems—are on-premises, though the hotel has recently moved to Microsoft® Office 365® and other cloud-based services.


The hotel’s original IT security solution was becoming increasingly resource-intensive and difficult to manage, which had a huge impact on its small IT team. Not only were users spending more time managing the system, the team had to purchase new high-powered computers to keep up. “It had grown into a Frankenstein system that used more than 50 percent of workstation resources. Users spent more time running antivirus software than working for the hotel and our guests,” said Ryan DeCorby, manager of information systems at Pan Pacific Vancouver.

Driven by the need for compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other regulations, the hotel was committed to protecting its network and guests’ personal information. With its more recent move to Office 365 and other cloud-based services, the hotel also needed to ensure that its security could span both cloud and on-premises systems—without impacting performance and the PCI DSS compliance.

"Trend Micro’s experts care about their customers and work to continually improve their solutions to make us safer."

Ryan DeCorby
Manager of Information Systems
Pan Pacific Vancouver

Why Trend Micro

When Pan Pacific Vancouver started looking for a new security solution in 2008, the team evaluated several different products, including Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™. “From the start, Trend Micro understood our challenges, provided resources, and made me feel like a priority customer,” said DeCorby.

The hotel’s IT team agreed that OfficeScan was a perfect fit. They switched to Trend Micro and have enjoyed a strong partnership for more than 10 years, upgrading to Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Complete, Trend Micro Apex One™ on-premises, and Apex One as a service in 2019. “Trend Micro’s experts care about their customers and work to continually improve their solutions to make us safer,” DeCorby said.


Apex One combines machine learning with threat protection techniques to eliminate security gaps across all of Pan Pacific Vancouver’s user activity and endpoints—both on-premises and in the cloud. The solutions constantly learn, adapt, and automatically share threat intelligence across the hotel’s environment.“With a small IT team, we set the system up and felt confident that it was working to keep our IT environment and data protected, while using minimal resources,” said DeCorby.

Pan Pacific Vancouver also uses the Trend Micro™ InterScan™ Web Security Virtual Appliance. Web reputation prevents users from downloading malicious code and blocks access to sites that harbor web-based threats.

"With a small IT team, we could set the system up and feel confident that it was working to keep our IT environment and data protected, while using minimal resources."

Ryan DeCorby
Manager of Information Systems
Pan Pacific Vancouver


Smart Protection Complete, which includes Apex One and InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance, has given the hotel’s IT environment and data comprehensive, set-it-and-forget-it protection. Trend Micro’s behavior monitoring constantly checks endpoints for unusual modifications and blocks associated programs when malicious behavior is detected. “Most of my dashboard alerts are web reputation issues. One of our users will tell us they clicked a link and were unable to open it. That’s because Trend Micro caught it and prevented access,” said DeCorby.

DeCorby finds the Trend Micro solutions easy to use and trusted by the IT team, allowing him to focus on other issues. “The solutions have been very effective in preventing malware issues and keeping our environment protected,” said DeCorby.

The recent upgrade to Apex One gave DeCorby’s team an all-in-one, easy-to-manage solution that provides them with a quick birds-eye view of their entire IT environment. Because Apex One includes built-in data loss prevention, the team can monitor for things that might impact their ability to meet the PCI DSS compliance and address those situations before they become a problem. “The solution has been so effective that we are using it solely with Office 365.”

What's Next?

As it expands further into the cloud, Pan Pacific Vancouver is looking to Trend Micro to continue keeping it secure.