Nethys chooses Trend Micro to protect its services


Nethys is a Walloon company that operates mainly in three sectors: telecommunications (with the brands VOO, VOOmobile, Win, and BeTV), media (as a joint owner, in particular, of L’Avenir, Proximag, and the magazine Moustique), and renewable energy (Elicio). The group’s head office is based in Liège, but Nethys also has offices in Ans, Herstal, Seraing, Brussels, Namur, and Gosselies, employing 1,500 permanent staff.

The digitalization of all aspects of society is central to all Nethys’ projects. Its digital strategy includes offering a super-efficient telecommunications network for private individuals and companies, interactive digital television, and landline and mobile telephone solutions. By taking over a local newspaper and a television magazine, Nethys also aimed to digitalize the content.

IT is quite naturally an essential element for the company. “It permeates the whole organization. To put it in simple terms, without IT, nothing works. No connection, no television broadcasts, and no energy,” says Christian Marchal, head of workplace and collaboration IT services at Nethys. The IT department is responsible for all of the IT throughout the organization (with the exception of everything relating to broadcasting). This infrastructure is run by about 30 employees.


Digitalization brings challenges, the slightest incident affecting the IT infrastructure can have huge repercussions. A business at a standstill is synonymous with unproductiveness. It is important that outsiders cannot access the system without authorization. “We are a well-known media company,” Christian Marchal stresses. “That makes us an attractive target for many hackers and cybercriminals. Nethys needs a solution that provides sufficient protection for the servers and the workstations used by our staff.”

"The solution offered by Trend Micro fully met our criteria and expectations"

Christian Marchal
Workplace and Collaboration Manager
IT Services at Nethys

Why Trend Micro

The previous solution (Symantec) no longer fulfilled the requirements. “It’s important for us to have a central management solution, compatible with several operating systems (Linux®, Mac OS X® and Microsoft® Windows®) and various systems, servers, and workstations,” says Christian Marchal. The IT team also expects the solution to be well placed in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant.

“The previous solution was not all it might have been in this respect. What’s more, we had the feeling that this supplier’s presence and service in Belgium was declining. We had no “sandbox” solution on site, only in the cloud, and an on-site approach corresponds better to our philosophy, which is to keep things in house as much as possible,” Marchal explains. “When the license expired, we drew up a call for proposals. The solution put forward by Trend Micro met the criteria and our expectations in full. We were also pleasantly surprised by their technical and the knowledge of the products displayed by the Trend Micro people.”


Nethys has combined several Trend Micro solutions to obtain the best possible result. For its employees’ workstations (starting with around 200 PCs), Nethys opted for Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™. This protects them against the most recent malware, and included an email and data loss prevention solution, which the IT team will use to limit and secure access via USB sticks. The OfficeScan solution was also chosen to protect Nethys’ systems running on Mac OS X.

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ ensures that the servers get an advanced protection, and that attacks on the network are neutralized immediately through virtual patching. Finally, Nethys also uses Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Analyzer to optimize the protection of its entire infrastructure (servers, network, and workstations). In particular, the tool includes a sandboxing function for unknown files so that they can be checked upstream. All these solutions are centralized and managed by Trend Micro Control Manager™.


The great advantage of all these tools is the central management. This is a major step forward for the IT team. This way, if an incident occurs, they will waste less time and can collect all the information they need more quickly and obtain more complete and detailed reports.

Another important thing for the company is that the new tools have already detected malware that the previous solution had not picked up. “There’s no such thing as zero risk, but thanks to Trend Micro, the risk has been significantly reduced and we feel much safer. In particular, the addition of new sandboxing capabilities is now a great help in detecting malware,” Marchal concludes.