Protects intellectual property in a hybrid IT environment


Ecad (Escritório Central de Arrecadação e Distribuição, translated as Central Office of Collection and Distribution) is the central bureau for Brazil’s music copyrights. A private, non-profit institution, Ecad’s main objective is to centralize the collection and distribution of royalties to copyright owners whose musical works are publicly performed. In addition to the registry of thousands of copyright owners, 7.3 million musical works and 5.4 million phonograms are also registered, which account for all the versions registered for each song.

Ecad is administered by seven music associations, representing thousands of national and international right-owners of musical works (composers, performers, musicians, publishers, and phonogram producers) who are members of those associations. To securely manage millions of artist copyrights, Ecad continually invests in the latest technologies and operates a modern, on-premises data center as well as a Microsoft® Azure™ cloud environment.


“At Ecad, we have a commitment to use the best available security to defend our on-premises data center, Azure cloud environment and our mobile devices from the latest threats. Identifying the best solution for our unique needs required listening to the market and understanding emerging security trends,” said Marcos Eboli, IT Quality Services Manager, Ecad.

Its data center is located at its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. With 31 remote offices throughout Brazil, Ecad needed to protect a widely distributed network. The solution would need to be administered from a central location, as well as provide on-premises security for some offices. “With a small staff to manage IT security, we wanted a security solution that could protect our remote offices as well as our data center,” said Eboli.

"The security experts at Trend Micro really understood our business and our challenges."

Marcos Eboli,
IT Quality Services Manager,

Why Trend Micro

With nearly three dozen locations, several hundred employees, and limited IT resources, Ecad did not want multiple security solutions with separate management consoles and support. “We were looking for a solution that could be easily extended across our environment, and offered a management console that provided a single view of our security profile,” said Eboli.

After performing a proof of concept (POC) with several security vendors, Ecad decided Trend Micro offered the best security solutions. “The security experts at Trend Micro really understood our business and our challenges. They not only presented the best security, but also had services and staff in Brazil to support the solution”, said Eboli.


Ecad first deployed Trend Micro products in 2014, before upgrading to Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™, powered by XGen™ security more recently. OfficeScan combines machine learning and multiple threat protection techniques to eliminate security gaps across any user activity and any endpoint. “OfficeScan is transparent to our users. Even when we apply different machine configurations, the solution is easy to administer and doesn’t compromise performance,” said Anderson Estanislau, IT Security Analyst.

Ecad adopted Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ for Azure in 2015. Powered by XGen™ security, Deep Security protects Ecad’s Azure cloud and data center with the simplicity of a single agent. Fully integrated with Azure, Deep Security provides a complete suite of security capabilities that is easy to scale and provides continuous compliance. To protect Ecad’s 100+ smart phones from attacks, Ecad uses Trend Micro™ Mobile Security. The solution guards against identity theft and viruses, and blocks dangerous and fraudulent websites so team members can stay productive wherever they are.

Trend Micro™ Control Manager provides centralized security management, complete visibility, and reporting across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment models. “With Control Manger, we can see all the activity from OfficeScan, Deep Security, and Mobile Security on a single screen, so we’re always aware of what’s happening in our environment,” said Sandro Castiglioni, IT Security Specialist.


With Trend Micro solutions for its data center, cloud, endpoints and mobile devices, Ecad is confident its IT environment is protected. The combined solutions effectively prevent unauthorized individuals from viewing protected data, helping ensure that Ecad is compliant with Brazil’s data protection regulations.

Control Manager revolutionizes security management, simplifying tasks for Ecad’s IT team. “Control Manager has simplified management of our Trend Micro solutions, so we only need one person to handle more than 600 OfficeScan users,” said Eboli.

“We’re very happy with the Trend Micro partnership. The solutions are very reliable and we receive excellent support whenever we need it. We believe Trend Micro offers the best solutions for protecting data, and the centralized management makes it easy to distribute new versions and stay protected. In addition, we have a long relationship with the Trend Micro partner Storageway, which always offers high quality solutions and services.” said Eboli.

In addition to stopping malware and viruses before they can impact Ecad’s users and simplifying security management, Trend Micro solutions allow Ecad to maintain its technology evolution. Ecad continually invests in modernizing its technology processes, and has won multiple awards for its innovative use of IT.

What's Next

Ecad is looking ahead to linking remote offices that are currently using a virtual private network (VPN), with the corporate network. They also plan to deploy Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™, powered by XGen™ security, which blends specialized detection engines, custom sandboxing, and global threat intelligence from the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™.