Internet Safety and Cybersecurity Education Outreach

Everyone has a role in ensuring cyber safety. What’s yours?

Trend Micro Initiative for Education

The Trend Micro Initiative for Education is a program dedicated to educating and empowering our digital communities—free of charge—to help realize a world safe for the exchange of digital information.

The initiative is the parent to 3 programs, and we plan on adding more in the future.

We launched our Internet Safety for Kids and Families program nearly 10 years ago and are excited to amplify our reach with the new Internet Safety for Small Businesses and Cybersecurity Education for Universities programs.

Internet Safety for Kids and Families

We recognize that using the internet is an important life skill, not just a hobby or entertainment. The Internet knows no boundaries, making it critical for parents and teachers to understand and enforce safe, responsible use of technology among kids, wherever they connect.

Our Internet Safety for Kids & Families program has been delivering free tools to PTO/PTAs across the United States since for nearly a decade to educate parents about Internet safety.

More than 5,000 schools nationwide have participated in Internet Safety Night — a project we sponsor in partnership with PTO Today. Trend Micro volunteers are given the opportunity to present to these schools about safe and responsible Internet use.

Internet Safety for Small Businesses

Launching in 2018, our Internet Safety for Small Businesses (ISSB) program is designed to empower small business owners and their employees with easy-to-understand, timely, and highly-relevant education on security risks and safe online best practices.

With the help of volunteers and partnerships with non-profit organizations committed to this cause, we will offer workshops and online resources to help small businesses protect themselves, their employees, and their customers proactively.

Stay tuned for events and resources coming in 2018!

Cybersecurity Education for Universities

We established this program to help strengthen curriculum for future cyber security professionals.
Our program volunteers focus on 3 key areas:

Faculty enablement

“Training the Trainers” to make sure the information disseminated is accurate, useful, and follows the best practices as researched by our subject matter experts and trainers.

Curriculum alignment

Standardizing the concepts of cyber security across universities to make sure that subjects remain relevant and accurate in the fast-moving evolution of technology and cybercrime.

Technical seminars

We provide technical seminars requested by students and faculty to keep their knowledge up to date with the latest discoveries by our experts.