Relies on Trend Micro and AWS to protect customers


Dedalus is well-known in Brazil as a leader in providing managed cloud services to companies of all sizes and industries. Founded in 1989, the company established Brazil’s first Internet data center and quickly scaled to 2,000 servers. However, in 2006, Dedalus sold their data center and became 100% devoted to offering cloud computing services to their customers.

“We realized that cloud computing was the future, so we sold our data center and started a relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS),” said Mauricio Fernandes, president of Dedalus. “Today, we are one of the largest members in the AWS Partner Network in Latin America.

With such a big commitment to cloud computing, Dedalus became focused on helping its 600 customers manage their IT systems in the cloud. Dedalus serves some of Brazil’s largest enterprises, including Grupo Pão de Açucar, the country’s largest retailer, and Universal Church, a religious organization with 4,500 temples throughout Brazil and around the world. Headquartered in São Paulo, with offices in Curitiba and Campinas, Dedalus has been a Trend Micro partner since 2013 and is a Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN).



When it comes to staying ahead of the technology curve, Dedalus has always been a leader in Brazil. When Dedalus sold its data center in 2006 and switched to AWS, some customers were concerned about security. “Our customers were looking to the cloud to provide greater agility, security, and uptime. Working on AWS as a highly secure cloud provider and Trend Micro’s leading cloud security capabilities on AWS enables our customers to realize their goals.”

With the help of Dedalus, we have Trend Micro Deep Security enhancing the security of all our cloud systems with the same—or better—level of security than we had in our data center.

Rodrigo Prota,
Pastor and IT Director at Universal Church

While providing a very secure cloud platform, AWS clearly defines the customer’s responsibility to secure their applications, operating systems, and data. “It is important that customers do not rely on traditional approaches to address the shared security responsibility,” said Fernandes. “The types of attacks we experience today are more sophisticated and require advanced cloud security tools and practices.”


Dedalus chose Trend Micro™ Deep Security™, an integral part of the Trend Micro Cloud and Data Center Security Solution. This offering includes a comprehensive set of security capabilities optimized for cloud deployments, including intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, anti-malware, web reputation, integrity monitoring, and log inspection. With Deep Security, Dedalus can rapidly deploy enhanced protection for its customers from a centrally managed security console.

“Deep Security is not only a comprehensive cloud security solution, it’s also easy to deploy and use. Our customers don’t have to be security experts, which makes it very appealing to them, especially mid-size companies,” said Fernandes.

The solution’s automated protection and policy capabilities also provide significant benefits. “Before Trend Micro, security required more manual intervention. Now, it’s totally automatic. We know it’s working, and we can easily check one central security dashboard to get a current status,” said Fernandes.

With AWS and Trend Micro, we are delivering a solution that is more secure than traditional platforms.

Mauricio Fernandes,
President, Dedalus

Dedalus currently offers two levels of service backed by Trend Micro: Manager Services, which includes the Deep Security Anti-Malware module; and Enterprise Services, which includes all the capabilities provided by Deep Security mentioned above. “During deployment, we install and configure the solution in each component of our customer’s system. We manage the services and provide customers with a dashboard to view activity,” said Fernandes.


Why Trend Micro

After completing its due diligence on cloud security vendors, Dedalus chose Trend Micro for three important reasons: First, they knew Trend Micro had a reputation as the global leader in cloud security. “We’re used to working with leaders like AWS, so it made sense to choose Trend Micro because of its market leadership in server security and leading cloud capabilities. Trend Micro not only delivers software to enhance security on AWS deployments, but has also built a service on top of the AWS secure infrastructure, truly embracing and understanding the AWS environment.”

Second, Dedalus liked the fact that Trend Micro understood both the AWS buying environment, and the needs of partners delivering security as part of their own offerings. “We don’t have to buy an inventory of licenses—we only pay for what we use just like with AWS,” said Fernandes. “This pricing model allows us to provide cloud security as a service, and make it affordable to our clients.”

Finally, they liked how Trend Micro was positioned within the AWS ecosystem. “We realized that Trend Micro was investing a lot in developing cloud security for deployments on AWS. That was very important to us,” said Fernandes.


With Trend Micro Deep Security, Dedalus finds that selling managed services is easier because they can easily address a customer’s shared responsibility for security. “Our customers are pleased with Trend Micro, and that we are using Deep Security to provide security-as-a-service for additional protection,” said Fernandes.

“We tripled our volume on AWS last year and we plan to do the same this year,” said Fernandes. “After working with AWS and Trend Micro, larger customers are now interested in starting new cloud projects.”

One of those customers is Anhanguera Educacional, one of the world’s largest educational organizations. They’re pleased with the security provided by AWS, Trend Micro, and Dedalus. “We rely on Dedalus and AWS to help us with critical cloud systems. We are very comfortable with the secure cloud environment that Dedalus provides as a service,” said Luciano Possani, CIO of Anhanguera Educacional.

Another major customer who is pleased with Dedalus is Universal Church, a large Christian church with 8 million members in Brazil. “With the help of Dedalus, we have Deep Security enhancing the security all of our cloud systems with the same— or better— level of security than we had in our data center,” said Rodrigo Prota, Pastor and IT Director at Universal Church.

"Our customers are pleased with Trend Micro, and that we are using Deep Security to provide security-as-a-service for additional protection."

Mauricio Fernandes,
President, Dedalus

With nothing but positive feedback from customers, Dedalus is committed to working with AWS and Trend Micro. “With AWS and Trend Micro, we are delivering a solution that is more secure than traditional platforms,” said Fernandes.

What's Next

With the distinction of being the third largest IT market in the world, Brazil is still fertile ground for Dedalus to continue its growth as the nation’s leading managed service provider. “Our relationships with Trend Micro and AWS are very important to our success,” said Fernandes. “Together, we are helping other organizations in South America understand the value of cloud computing.”

"After working with AWS and Trend Micro, larger customers are now interested in starting new cloud projects."

Mauricio Fernandes
President, Dedalus