Trend Micro provides CSC customers with
best-in-class security solutions for the cloud.

Trend Micro Deep Security is the first third-party security solution offered by CSC for cloud and data center security, and is the first content security solution certified for the Vblock platform as Vblock Ready. Deep Security is available to all CSC customers with virtualized environments, and as an integrated service to CSC BizCloud™ customers, ensuring optimum security to comply with internal and regulatory policies.

CSC's Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) service utilizes Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery, a set of malware detection and analysis software tools, to provide in-depth contextual analysis and rapid adaptive responses. CSC provides clients with real-time visibility, analysis, and reporting to gain the insight and control necessary to protect their organizations from advanced threats.

CSC BizCloud™ is an enterprise private cloud built on the client's premises, billed as a service, and ready for workload and application deployment in 10 weeks. Built on the Vblock™ platform from VCE, BizCloud provides the security and exclusivity of a private cloud with elasticity and pay-as-you-go billing.

CSC CloudCompute® is an enterprise cloud solution. It’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that delivers a highly resilient cloud infrastructure, security and network services, and resource and service management capabilities.

TrendMicro works closely with Strategic Alliance Partners to develop whole business solutions that fit your architecture, simplify deployment, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize security.

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