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Digital skimmers: What are they and how can I keep my card details safe online?

August 7, 2019

A few weeks ago, British Airways was hit by the largest ever regulatory fine of its kind, after global customers visiting its website had their card data stolen. The $228m penalty levied by the UK’s privacy watchdog reflects the seriousness of the attack and the carrier’s failure ….

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Inside the Smart Home: IoT Device Threats and Attack Scenarios

July 30, 2019

A smart home is made up of a number of different devices connected to the internet of things (IoT), each with a specific set of functions. No matter how different these devices are from one another, they have the shared goal of streamlining the tasks and simplifying the lives of their users.

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Agent Smith Malware Infecting Android Apps, Devices for Adware

July 16, 2019

Agent Smith (detected by Trend Micro as AndroidOS_InfectionAds.HRXA), a new kind of mobile malware, has been found infecting Android devices by exploiting the vulnerabilities found within the operating system (OS) to replace installed apps with malicious versions...

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Android Horror Game Hides Facebook and Google Credential Stealing Tactics

July 01, 2019

An Android horror game was found stealing the Facebook and Google credentials of its users, along with performing other malicious activities. Google took down the game on June 27, but not before it managed to log over 50,000 downloads.

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Hackers Are After Your Personal Data – Here’s How to Stop Them

June 17, 2019

Our lives are increasingly digital. We shop, socialize, communicate, watch TV and play games — all from the comfort of our desktop, laptop, or mobile device. But to access most of these services we need to hand over some of our personal data.

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WiFi Protection in Public Places

June 6, 2019

Like any online technology, however, it’s vulnerable to hacker abuse, posing potential threats to you and your mobile devices.

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Keep Your Smart Home Safe: Here’s What You Can Do Today to Secure Your Products

May 22, 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we live, work and play. You can find it in the fitness trackers you might be wearing to monitor step count and heart rate.

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Beware Sextortion and Tax Scam Extortion Attempts as Email Scams Worsen

May 20, 2019

Criminals often use the April 15th tax filing deadline in the United States for social engineering schemes to make victims share their credentials, money, and personal information.

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Are Your Devices at Risk? Find out with HouseCall for Home Networks

May 8, 2019

HouseCall for Home Networks is a free and easy-to-use Trend Micro solution that scans your Wi-Fi connected devices and checks them for security risks to protect you from hackers, privacy leaks, and other threats.

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