See the Big Picture with Managed XDR

Trend Micro™ Managed XDR can bridge cybersecurity expertise and resources gaps and deliver visibility across email, endpoint, servers, cloud workloads, and network.

April 17, 2019

The shifting cybersecurity landscape is forcing C-level executives to take on a difficult challenge. Enterprises must defend themselves against new and increasingly stealthy actors using rapidly evolving techniques to bypass existing security measures. At the same time, the gap in cybersecurity skills needed to mount an effective defense is widening, and that is exposing organizations to increased risk. A proven managed detection and response (MDR) solution from an industry leader like Trend Micro can address growing cybersecurity threats and help bridge that gap to reduce risk while empowering the business.

The demand for cybersecurity skills has never been greater, or more urgent. (ICS)2 reports that enterprises in every industry are struggling to fill almost 3 million cybersecurity jobs globally.1 Compounding the difficulties even further is the serious gap in the cybersecurity capabilities enterprises need to address increasing risk and pressures.

EDR tools alone can’t bridge the cybersecurity capabilities gap.
Some enterprises have tried to manage their cybersecurity capabilities gap by building their own detection and response program with off-the-shelf endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools. But detection and response requires specialized skills to manage the complex technology and increasing volumes of data, together with experience in a wide range of disciplines—experience that cannot be acquired through training alone. And the high demand for skilled and experienced cybersecurity staff has made them too expensive for many organizations. According to Gartner, 40 percent of midsize enterprises (MSEs) don't even have a cybersecurity expert on staff.2 This means many in-house detection and response programs are simply not getting the results that their detection and response tools could be delivering.

Trend Micro™ XDR, powered by XGen™, allows security teams to extend detection and response capabilities beyond the endpoint. XDR utilizes AI and expert security analytics for complete visibility, leading to more detections and earlier, faster responses.

"The demand for cybersecurity skills has never been greater, or more urgent. (ICS)2 reports that enterprises in every industry are struggling to fill almost 3 million cybersecurity jobs globally."

More alerts won’t bridge the MSSP gap.
Other enterprises have tried the services offered by managed security service providers (MSSPs), but these services are focused mainly on technology and its management, not on the real requirement: Expert security help when responding to threat events. These MSSPs have failed to adapt their offerings to meet the challenges of the shifting cybersecurity landscape, and they have created yet another gap; a services gap—by prioritizing their monitoring services over their customers’ most pressing challenges, which are less about alerts than about how to respond to them. That’s to say that they can even respond, given their severely limited in-house cybersecurity capabilities.

To address the skills, capabilities and services gaps, Trend Micro has developed a comprehensive Managed XDR offering that includes onboarding support, 24/7 alert monitoring, alert prioritization and investigation, and threat hunting services across email, network, endpoint, server and cloud workloads. And most important of all, Trend Micro security experts monitor every customer’s environment and works with internal customer teams to coordinate incident response.

Learn how a managed XDR service helps C-level executives get back to enabling their business in Trend Micro Managed XDR; A Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service from Trend Micro.

Trend Micro Managed XDRA Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service

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