Healthcare Enterprises Share Stories of Resilience, Risk Management, Compliance

Healthcare organizations are subject to strict regulations, including data security and privacy. Three enterprises discuss risk reduction within a sector where a data leak could prove disastrous.

June 25, 2020

Security is important, but it can’t compromise performance, especially within the healthcare system. As these organizations are common targets for cybercriminals—and are regularly audited to ensure compliance with HIPAA, payment card industry (PCI) standards, and other regulations—risk reduction is critical.

DHR Health reduces risk through visibility

DHR Health is a Texan physician-owned health system that offers comprehensive medical care to patients in over 70 sub-specialties. DHR Health’s previous security solution created performance issues that led to slow-running systems, frequent crashes, and complaints from end users. DHR Health needed a security solution that could protect its data, provide visibility into the network, and grow with the organization without impacting performance or workflow.

As DHR partnered with Trend Micro, the health system was provided with a blend of advanced threat protection techniques, such as pre-execution and run-time machine learning and behavior analysis, to eliminate security gaps across endpoints.

Improved visibility helped provide the organization with resiliency across DHR Health’s security landscape. “Not knowing what’s going on is the most dangerous thing. With Trend Micro and the interconnectivity of its products, I know we are protected and that the product is doing its job,” said Tareq Allan, Chief Information Security Officer, DHR Health.

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Northeast Georgia Health System reduces risk usually common within small IT teams

Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) is a not-for-profit community health system dedicated to improving health and quality of life. With a small IT team, NGHS needed a solution that was centralized and easy to use as well as a partner that could take an active role in helping the organization achieve its security goals and reduce risk.

NGHS partnered with Trend Micro to protect its endpoints and provide host intrusion protection for its hospitals. This improved visibility allowed Information Security Officer Peter Statia to educate his board about the cyberattacks the organization faces.

“We have a much cleaner environment now. The integration between Trend Micro’s solutions feeding data to IBM® QRadar® and IBM® Resilient provides me with the satisfaction of gaining value from my technology investments,” said Statia.

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MedImpact transports customer data in compliance with HIPAA and PCI

MedImpact Healthcare Systems is the largest privately held pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) serving health plans, self-funded employers, and government entities globally. The company’s data centers are regularly audited to ensure compliance with HIPAA, payment card industry (PCI) standards, and other regulations, but they are always looking for additional protection for their multilayered defenses to guard against advanced attacks.

Trend Micro provided MedImpact with the layered defense it needs to support its defense-in-depth security strategy, along with the ability to rapidly deploy new appliances.

In addition, the automatic configuration of appliances to support privacy and compliance requirements saves even more time and further bolsters security. “A lot of good things happen with a multilayered security infrastructure—from greater efficiency and scalability to peace of mind that our system and data are protected,” says Frank Bunton, Vice President and CISO of MedImpact.

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Healthcare Enterprises Share Stories of Resilience & Risk Management

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