Curb Your Cyber Risk

With global cyber risk at an all-time high, understand how you can lower yours.

January 20, 2021

With attacks constantly knocking at your door, it's crucial for companies to focus on assessing, detecting, preventing, and responding to ever-increasing threats. To do this effectively, you need a strategic and informed security strategy that enables you to decrease risk and increase your awareness of where you could do better in preparing against attacks. Dive into our annual and expanded global Cyber Risk Index (CRI) study to see where your security strategy may have room for improvement and how to fill in the gaps.

With a focus on better understanding the risks faced by global organizations, Trend Micro, in conjunction with Ponemon Institute, conducted research among IT managers across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the USA. Using the findings, we were able to update our comprehensive index to assess an organization's cyber risk maturity level, and as you can see, the current global index stands at -0.41, representing “elevated” risk.

Based on the research conducted, we found that:

  • With nearly four out of five surveyed saying a breach of critical data is likely in the next 12 months, and a lack of preparedness to deal with an attack, organizations should think about evolving their current security strategy.
  • Eight out of 10 say they are likely to be breached in the next 12 months, and as such, organizations need to look at the role that breach detection capabilities can play in detecting and remediating those instances.
  • The four highest at risk data types cited by those surveyed are those that define a company's existence, the proverbial "Crown Jewels".

As Dr. Larry Ponemon, CEO for Ponemon Institute, explains “Trend Micro’s CRI is a useful tool for companies to better understand their cyber risk. Expanding this to be a global resource in 2020 opens the door for more organizations to leverage this useful information. Businesses of all sizes and industries across the globe can use the CRI to improve their protection strategy and better prepare their cybersecurity posture in the year to come.” Utilizing the insights and trends discovered in the CRI, we were able to put together a list of the top cyber threat risks and top global security risks that will help you make strategic decisions on the adjustments needed to lower the risk at your organization.

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Curb Your Cyber Risk