Trend Micro Announces Share Buyback Program (Under the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation pursuant to Article 165(2) of the Corporation Law of Japan)

Tokyo, Japan – March 6, 2013 - Trend Micro (TSE: 4704), the global leader in cloud security and virtualization, today announced that its Board of Directors approved share buyback under Article 156 of the Corporation Law of Japan, as applied pursuant to Article 165(3) of the Corporation Law as described below:

This buyback program which was approved pursuant to a resolution adopted at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on March 6, 2013 has been concluded today.

1. Reason for Share Buyback

In order to respond to the changing business environment, we are implementing a flexible capital budgeting policy.

2. Details of the Program

(1) Class of Capital Stock to be Purchased: Shares of Common Stock
(2) Number of Shares to be Purchased: Up to 1,200,000 shares (0.91% of the total outstanding shares)
(3) Total Purchase Price: Up to 3,000 million yen
(4) Schedule: From March 7, 2013 to March 29, 2013 (based on trade date)
(5) Method of repurchase: Open market purchases at the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Note: As of February 28, 2013  
Total number of outstanding shares (excluding treasury shares): 131,879,569 shares
Total number of treasury shares: 8,413,435 shares